The ‘no’ of the CUP forces Aragonès to change strategy to refloat the budget negotiation




The CUP’s decision to present an amendment to the entire Catalan budget will force ERC and Junts to work hard to avoid the sinking of their first major political project of the legislature. President Pere Aragonès He has already started to do so and today, after hearing the refusal of the anti-establishment, he has met urgently with his Government. Objective? Refloat the talks, which will restart this afternoon with the direct involvement of the chief executive, who will park the low profile maintained until today.

As detailed this noon the spokesperson for the regional executive, Patricia Plaja, Aragonès has summoned this noon to the Government’s staff and several prominent names from Junts and ERC to an emergency meeting at the Palau de la Generalitat.

The vice president, Jordi Puigneró, the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, the presidents of the parliamentary groups of ERC and Junts, Josep Maria Jové and Albert Batet, and the president of the Parlament, Laura Borràs, among others.

For this afternoon, another high-level meeting has been called, in this case of Aragonès and Giró with the leadership of the CUP. The objective of this second meeting is to know “first hand” the decision of the ‘cupaires’, known this Tuesday and taken after a consultation and a round of assemblies that the anti-establishment have held this weekend. From Together and the ERC They already feared the refusal that the anti-capitalists have formalized today, although Republican sources had been explaining to ABC for days that they did not consider a last-minute agreement to be ruled out.

From the outset, Esquerra chose to keep a low profile, both of the negotiations in general and of the role of President Aragonès, who has remained in the background while the antisystem discussed the content of the accounts with other names of the Govern. Republicans are aware of the scant adherence that the regional president generates among the Cupaire ranks that, according to polls and gestures, have more affinity with Junts than with ERC, although the ideological distance with the Republicans is less than with the post-convergent ones.

The Government has not yet given details about what it can offer the CUP to reach a last-minute agreement. In this sense, Plaja explained today at a press conference that Aragonès will wait to see “what concretions the CUP will put back on the table.” “Catalonia will have Budgets and we still have time for them to be with the CUP”, the spokeswoman summarized today. On the part of the antisystem, they have already revealed what issues keep them away from the Catalan executive, and they are not few. Thus, they criticize both the affinity and the “normalization of relations” between the Generalitat and the Government and the poor “turn to the left” that the Catalan executive has made. They also ask to create the conditions for “self-determination” and to end a social model that they have described as “sociovergent.”

“Masochistic pleasures”

While ERC, Junts and the CUP are involved in the umpteenth negotiation against the time of independence, the opposition regrets the drift of the Government parties. Thus, the PSC spokeswoman, Alicia romero, has reiterated today its proposal to approve the accounts of Aragonès to remove the antisystem from the Government’s economic kitchen and has criticized the “marketing” with the CUP. “If we do not receive a call to negotiate, we will present an amendment to the whole,” he said for his part. Jéssica Albiach, of the commons.

On the part of the constitutionalist formations, the leader of the PPC, Alejandro Fernandez, has predicted that the CUP will end up endorsing the accounts, but first they will “humiliate” Junts and ERC a little more. «The masochistic pleasures that ERC and Junts enjoy with the CUP matter little to me, that they end up discarding the Winter Games, yes. What a disaster … », said the popular on his social networks. From Cs, Carlos Carrizosa has stated that the PSC and the CUP “fight” to be “the crutch of Aragonès” while Vox has accused the CUP of wanting to “play ‘in extremis'” with the accounts.

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