The PP joins the protests against the reform of the Citizen Security Law and will resort to the Constitutional




The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, announced this Tuesday that if Parliament approves the reform proposed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez on the Citizen Security Law, his party will appeal it to the Constitutional Court.

“We will demonstrate with the representatives of the Police and Civil Guard to reject the reform of the Security Law”, has affirmed Casado, who has thus confirmed the support of his party to the mobilizations that the Security Forces are promoting.

The leader of the PP has indicated that, if this reform of the law approved by the Government of Mariano Rajoy, his party will appeal it to the Constitutional Court and will repeal it as soon as his party arrives at the Palacio de la Moncloa.

“It is a red line to attack the defenders of freedom and security,” he said in a message on his official Twitter account.

The head of the opposition has expressed himself this way after meeting, together with the spokesperson of the Popular Group, Cuca gamarra, and the PP Interior spokeswoman, Ana Vazquez, with representatives of 17 police unions and Civil Guard associations.

The spokeswoman in the Congress of Deputies, Cuca Gamarra, has also said that the PP will appeal in the Constitutional Court, since this reform of the Citizen Security Law is of “doubtful constitutionality.” Gamarra explained that this proposed law for the reform advocates “the end of impunity”, and thereby “unprotects the Security Forces and Corps whose sole function and task is to guarantee our freedom and security. ».

In addition, he has assured that the Government and its partners seem to seek “to arm themselves politically for the return to the opposition and to have a perfectly prepared scenario to heat the streets when the citizens place them there again, seeking impunity for this through these legislative reforms ”.

Gamarra has also indicated that the TC ruling “has made it clear” that the Citizen Security Law has “all the support of constitutionality” and, therefore, “there is no space for its repeal.”

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