These are the municipalities of the Valencian Community at extreme risk of the spread of the coronavirus




The spread of coronavirus has not stopped increasing throughout the Valencian Community for the past few weeks. According to the latest epidemiological data published by the Generalitat, a total of 51 municipalities exceed the index of extreme risk of virus transmission, with a cumulative incidence of more than 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in fourteen days.

Thus, the increase in infections of coronavirus throughout the Valencian territory has once again put on the table of the autonomous government the possibility of taking measures related to the prevention and protection of the pandemic, such as the implementation of the covid passport.

However, the Executive that presides Ximo Puig does not contemplate re-imposing capacity and schedule limitations, since the healthcare pressure has not increased substantially thanks to the immunization of the target population, since ninety percent of those admitted to the ICU have not been vaccinated

against the coronavirus.

According to the latest epidemiological report from the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública, a total of 36 Valencian municipalities are at high risk spread of Covid-19, whose threshold is between 250 and 150 infected per 100,000 inhabitants.

For yet another week, the largest cities that appear framed in both indicators are Benidorm (353) and Castellón de la Plana (216), while Valencia and Alicante remain at the medium risk of virus transmission, with an incidence of 64 and 72 cases respectively.

Below are the lists of municipalities of the Valencian Community whose cumulative incidence exceeds the extreme and high risk indices for the spread of coronavirus.

Extreme risk

Forcall (2631,58)

Herbs (2272.73)

Almonacid’s Algimia (1526.72)

Caves of Vinromà (996.68)

Montán (815,22)

Ador (809.25)

Torreblanca (789,38)

Almonacid Valley (760.46)

Borriol (759.68)

Atzeneta del Maestrat (690.18)

Ayódar (653,59)

Villahermosa del Rio (619.83)

Torre d’en Doménech (617.28)

L’Alcudia (611,22)

Palma de Gandía (585.14)

Zarra (578,03)

Segorbe (538.64)

Beneixama (532.54)

Sellent (520.83)

Pobla de Benifassà (502.51)

Caudiel (455.24)

Gaianes (417.54)

Height (416.55)

Gorga (414.94)

Villalonga (411,9)

Almedíjar (409.84)

Benimantell (402,41)

Benimodo (396.13)

Palmera (392,93)

Jarafuel (390.12)

Courts of Pallás (389.11)

Orxeta (382.65)

Ayora (378,57)

Bicorp (378.07)

Jalance (359.71)

Boxes (356.19)

Almazora (355,25)

Montanejos (354,61)

Benidorm (353,44)

Chóvar (347,22)

L’Alcora (326.39)

Castielfabib (324.68)

Villafranca del Cid (318.62)

Sierra Engarcerán (303.64)

Torres Torres (298.95)

Benaguasil (293.18)

Salzadella (285.71)

Taverns of the Valldigna (283.99)

Benilloba (275,48)

Jérica (256,57)

Barxeta (252.21)

High risk

Masalavés (248.45)

Morella (248,34)

Pobla Tornesa (247.52)

Villajoyosa (241,48)

Bocairent (241,43)

Guadassuar (237.21)

Alfás del Pi (234.51)

Novelé (233,37)

Benicassim (228.71)

Daimús (219.02)

Llocnou d’En Fenollet (218.34)

Castellón de la Plana (216.91)

Chera (213.22)

Fly (212.17)

Teulada (203,94)

Oropesa del Mar (203.45)

Chella (202,27)

Farm of Rocamora (192.98)

Sueras (190.84)

Potríes (188.68)

Seven Waters (172,56)

Moncada (172.56)

Requena (171,53)

Montitxelvo (170.94)

Pedreguer (164,95)

Adsubia (163.67)

Alzira (162.45)

Teresa de Cofrentes (161.55)

Manises (160,05)

La Nucia (159.67)

Blessed (159.49)

Finestrat (154,86)

Oliva (154,61)

Lucena del Cid (152.09)

Nules (151,1)

Algueña (150.83)

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