They denounce that the Generalitat Valenciana has not distributed masks to teachers since the beginning of the course




The Independent Trade Union Center and of Officials (CSIF) has demanded this Tuesday the Ministry of Education to “expedite the distribution of masks in educational centers»Of the Valencian Community and that« reactivate the health and safety committee in the province of Valencia, practically paralyzed during the past year ». It also regrets that “after more than two months Since the beginning of the classes, the distribution has not started yet.

According to the assessment carried out by CSIF in a statement, there has been “a total lack of foresight»By the Conselleria to« guarantee the security of more than 72,000 teachers this course”. The organization adds that, despite the commitment to distribute masks from the first day of class, the distribution has not started “after more than two months.”

“The administration cannot hide behind the slowness of the procedure, as it does in the face of CSIF requirements. The current team led by the Conselleria has been at the institution for more than six years and knows how long the procedures will take. The problem is that have not been made in advance so that each teacher had a mask from the beginning of September “, they say.

Likewise, the trade union central reminds the Ministry that, as an employer, “it has the obligation to provide the necessary security measures to their workers in their jobs, something that is not happening today.

“They resort to their own means”

Instead of doing it, they point out from CSIF, “each teacher has to resort to your own means to have a mask in the center. Therefore, he urges Education to fulfill its obligation and begin “immediately” the distribution of these protectors against contagion by Covid-19.

The union, on the other hand, explains that this Tuesday the Occupational Health and Safety Committee of the province of Valencia «after being the past course practically paralyzed». In this sense, he also regrets that the Department “has not streamlined the process to solve the initial problems.”

This circumstance has prevented, in his opinion, that, to date, the aforementioned committee could “carry out its work of monitor security in educational centers, a particularly serious circumstance in the midst of a pandemic ”.

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