Too much fake news – Facebook blocked the MFG vaccine skeptics page

Despite the dramatic situation in the hospitals, the MFG list spreads absurd fake news. Club boss Manuel Krautgartner even declares the pandemic to be over. Facebook has therefore now blocked the page.

Dagmar Häusler ignores the fact that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has long since approved the corona vaccines available in Austria. For the MFG members of the state parliament, they are a “test substance” that is “neither safe nor effective”. Club boss Manuel Krautgartner, on the other hand, cares little for the current 570 Covid-19 patients – 93 of them in the intensive care unit – in the Upper Austrian hospitals: “The pandemic is over,” he announces in a video addressed to MFG supporters. MFG complains “Censorship” From now on, vaccination critics can only let their absurd messages circulate within their inner circle – this is no longer possible on Facebook. The MFG fake news has become too much for the social media group: He has “blocked the Upper Austrian regional group’s website and put it offline”, an MFG official mocked the “censorship” on Telegram. The party wants to protest against The Corona measures are now shifting to the streets and announcing nationwide rallies.

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