Traffic light brings Corona law on the way: It says it

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In view of the dramatically increasing number of new infections, a new infection protection law is to be passed in the Bundestag. What that could mean for us.

Berlin – The corona numbers are increasing and with it the pressure on politicians to do something about the pandemic. The initial situation has deteriorated rapidly in the past few weeks, the incidence (as of November 16) is 312.4, a record. The total number of infections has exceeded the threshold of five million – the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher.

Nevertheless, the SPD, Greens and FDP want to let the epidemic emergency run out on November 25th. The legal basis is now to be created through a changed Infection Protection Act including a catalog of corona measures, further ordinances are being planned.

Corona summit should bring new rules: Infection Protection Act with some changes

It should continue to be left to the federal states themselves to maintain certain restrictions if the state parliament so decides. Sports, cultural and leisure events can be restricted or prohibited, universities can be closed, and alcohol consumption at night can be prohibited. Contact restrictions can also be added. Details are still unclear, but it will most likely affect the unvaccinated.

Business closings or exit restrictions, on the other hand, should no longer be possible, according to the agreement. There should also be no lockdown without differentiation for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. For this, however, a vaccination requirement was under discussion for a while, not for the general public, but for certain, body-related professions. However, this topic is not yet part of the new Infection Protection Act. The negotiators have not yet reached a final agreement.

New Infection Protection Act before the Bundestag: Workplace and local public transport before changes

For local public transport, trains and buses, a 3G rule will apply in addition to the mask requirement. The following applies: Anyone who wants to use public transport must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. Deutsche Bahn has already signaled its support.

There should also be new changes in the workplace. Employees have to work from home again. A 3G rule in the office and other workplaces should also apply in the future. Details are still unclear here. The measures are initially limited to March 19. A one-time extension period applies for a maximum of three additional months.

Corona plans of the traffic light: Unvaccinated people will soon only be able to take a test train

The changes to the Infection Protection Act were discussed in the Bundestag last Thursday. Change requests must now be introduced promptly. Because the final vote should take place on Thursday (November 18), and the Federal Council will meet on Friday. (fmü)

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