Traffic light coalition of CSU annoyed because of Corona advice from Söder

WWhile criticism and advice from Bavaria, especially the CSU, have been hailing for days on how the pandemic could be combated more effectively than the traffic light parties are planning, they are increasingly angry. The former chairman of the Green parliamentary group, Jürgen Trittin, tweeted: “In view of the second highest incidence and the low vaccination rate in Bavaria, the CSU has no teeth in the mouth, but whistling La Paloma.” Ludwig Hartmann said: “Söder is the captain of the team, move responsibility to Berlin.”

The FDP was also annoyed by the statements from Bavaria. In view of the high incidences and low vaccination rates in the south-east, Member of the Bundestag Konstantin Kuhle asked the CSU: “Don’t they think they are weird?”

The CSU general secretary Markus Blume had previously said that the “team caution”, with which he alluded to the self-perception of his party, would unfortunately be replaced by the “team don’t know”. Alexander Dobrindt, the chairman of the CSU regional group in the Bundestag, said on Tuesday that the “left-yellow coalition” was lagging behind the current development of the corona pandemic. The traffic light tries to “turn the caution team into a shortsighted team”.

Prime Minister Markus Söder told Bild-Zeitung: “Obviously everything I propose has an effect.” He was the first to say that the federal government had to re-sharpen – “this is happening now”. When asked by the FAZ why he is not exhausting the legal options that he himself has, he said that would lead to “complete chaos” if the traffic lights were then turned back.

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