Traffic light is getting closer to mandatory vaccination

WITHThe traffic light negotiators did not want to say anything on Tuesday about the most pressing topic of these days. The two general secretaries of the SPD and FDP and the federal manager of the Greens, who appeared in front of the press in the early afternoon, answered neither questions about the corona measures nor the debate about compulsory vaccination. The traffic light parties want to be the future managers of the crisis – and of course the three parties are concerned with the question of whether certain professional groups or the employees in certain facilities will have to be vaccinated in the future. There is even an approximation here.

Olaf Scholz, who wants to be elected Chancellor during St. Nicholas Week, signaled a cautious openness on Monday evening. “I think it is right that we have now started a discussion about whether this should be done,” said Scholz at the economic summit of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. However, compulsory vaccination for certain occupational groups is only possible by consensus. A decision could also be made at short notice, said Scholz.

From a virological point of view, a quick agreement would probably come too late, because by the time a corresponding law is passed, vaccination starts and the vaccinated people are actually immunized, it should be spring. Lars Klingbeil, SPD general secretary, then already dampened the expectations that his candidate for chancellor had aroused: “The debate about mandatory vaccinations is here, but it has not yet been decided,” said Klingbeil on RTL / ntv. “We will see in the next few weeks whether we can initiate compulsory vaccination or not.”

In the past week, the FDP was particularly skeptical about the mandatory vaccination debate. But things seem to be shifting a bit. In any case, Michael Theurer, deputy parliamentary group leader, spoke up on Tuesday and said on ZDF: “I personally can, for example, imagine compulsory vaccinations for certain professional groups.” However, it is unclear whether this primarily refers to health and nursing staff or all people who deal with vulnerable groups, such as unvaccinated children, such as educators and teachers.

Think facility-related

It may be easier for the traffic light parties to agree on a facility-related vaccination requirement. The German Nursing Council also advocates this. According to President Christine Vogler, cleaning and kitchen staff should also be involved. Carsten Schneider, Parliamentary Managing Director of the SPD, spoke out in favor of it on Tuesday. And the FDP health politician Andrew Ullmann also countered the advance of compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups: “That makes little infectious sense.” You have to talk about facilities. He also made it clear that the FDP “never categorically” rejected compulsory vaccinations.

The Greens are now also thinking in terms of furnishings. During the election campaign, they had already called for partial compulsory vaccination, at that time, however, for professional groups. Now the health politician Janosch Dahmen said on Tuesday RTL / ntv: “Personally, I am firmly convinced that, given the dramatic numbers, we absolutely need a facility-specific vaccination requirement in the health care system.” If you are responsible for other people, it is not “just an individual one Deciding whether to be vaccinated or not ”.

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) brought another professional group into play. The compulsory vaccination has to be discussed “for the soccer field,” he told Bild-TV.

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