Traffic light scandal seeps through: Greens apparently left climate talks – Baerbock’s statement lets look deep

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The coalition talks are on the home stretch. But it jerks properly. In the working group on climate it is said to have come to a head.

Berlin – The next federal government should be a climate government. Not only did the Greens advertise this, but also SPD politician Olaf Scholz. During the election campaign, the 63-year-old presented himself as climate chancellor. In a tense conversation recently, two climate activists doubted that he could actually fill this role.

In all likelihood, Scholz will become the future Federal Chancellor in a traffic light coalition made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP. But when it comes to climate policy, it seems to be cracking. The coalition talks are on the home straight – but there should have been a scandal at a traffic light negotiation at the beginning of the week.

As the Picture on sunday wants to know, it came to a confrontation in Working Group 5, Climate Protection. Green politicians, including Jürgen Trittin, left the room out of anger about the course of the negotiation. “The FDP blocks everything and Olaf Scholz is not committed to anything,” said a Green negotiator image. Apparently they wanted to increase the pressure on the central topic of climate – but in the working group paper, which was submitted on Wednesday, November 10th, there is still no agreement on important points. The main round of negotiations on Monday and Tuesday should now be the judge of this. Then attempts will be made to “cut the knot,” as Green leader Robert Habeck emphasized.

Traffic light negotiations: dispute over the contentious issue of climate policy – Habeck already warns of failure

Habeck also made it clear that the Greens are dissatisfied with the current status of the negotiations. There was agreement that the next government would have to be a climate government. The question arises, however, of what the SPD and FDP would have achieved on the subject of climate protection in the previous negotiations, said Habeck in the rbb. He also questioned the schedule for an agreement between the traffic light coalitionists. “The climate has not yet been saved on paper, but if we do not get there, then we will have failed in the coalition negotiations,” emphasized the Greens chairman. And traffic light alarms also sounded from Baden-Württemberg – and the word “new elections”.

But in which areas is there a specific problem? According to the tabloid newspaper, there are two main reasons for Zoff:

  • Renewable energy: According to the ideas of the Greens, the share of renewable energies should be 80 percent by 2030. So far, this has not yet been stipulated in the coalition agreement.
  • Wind turbines: The eco party wants to make the construction of wind turbines a public interest. That would mean that opponents of the plants could no longer cite species protection in court in order to prevent construction. Because for the Greens, fighting the climate crisis has priority. There is still no agreement on this either.

Baerbock is optimistic before the main traffic light negotiations – and makes promises

Green leader Annalena Baerbock also commented on this question. She was optimistic in the ZDF “heute journal”. “For me, the task of a new federal government is not only to ensure that we get on the 1.5-degree path, but that we move forward in an alliance of those industrialized countries that ensure that the technology is available . And that means getting out of fossil fuels earlier and getting the technology for clean industry on the way. ”She classified the results of the Glasgow climate conference as inadequate. When asked whether the coal phase-out with the Greens would come much earlier, she answered clearly with a simple “Yes.”

When asked about the scandal in the climate working group, Baerbock said: “When 300 people negotiate, and above all negotiate how we can take massive amounts of money in hand in order to make our industrial location Germany climate-neutral and at the same time with a view to social justice “Digitization also need financial resources, then sometimes things get really tough.”

Baerbock added: “But it is well known that where there is friction, there is also buoyancy at some point. And we need a mutual departure, not only in terms of climate protection, but also with a view to our society as a whole. And that’s why we – I think all three parties – are wrestling so hard with everything we have to ensure that we can now shape this departure.

Traffic light coalition negotiations: top round to clarify points of dispute – distribution of ministries?

The coalition negotiations to form a so-called traffic light government will enter the next round on Monday. 22 working groups had presented results on individual subject areas. Details from it hardly got outside because the SPD, Greens and FDP have agreed to maintain secrecy. Remaining points of contention should be clarified in the top rounds.

Annalena Baerbock, candidate for Chancellor of the Greens and federal chairwoman, and Robert Habeck, federal chairman of the Greens, leave the conference venue for the exploratory talks.

© Christophe Gateau / dpa

Of the Picture on sunday According to the Greens, the first thing to do is to clarify the ministries issue. “Only when it is clear who has to implement what in the government does the willingness to compromise increase,” a Green negotiator is said to have said. How the ministries are distributed among the coalitionists is one of the exciting questions that need to be clarified. According to several reports, there are four to five ministerial posts in the ranks of the Greens. (aka with material from dpa)

Rubriklistenbild: © Christophe Gateau

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