Vaccination: Race of applications in the state parliament

SP, Grne and Neos submit a joint application with a vaccination appeal. Among other things, the three parties are calling for a “solidarity of constructive forces”, a broad vaccination campaign, a joint commitment by the state government to corona vaccination, but also the fight against the spread of “scientifically untenable theses”.

“Close ranks”

Yesterday, the club bosses of the coalition partners VP and FP, Christian Drfel and Herwig Mahr, announced a motion to move the state parliament to “close ranks”. However, this alliance should take place on the basis of the Corona chapter in the black-blue coalition pact. In addition to a higher vaccination rate, they want “equality between vaccinated people and those who have sufficient antibodies and can prove them”.

Almost at the same time yesterday, the Upper Austrian FP mandate Gerhard Kaniak introduced a motion of no confidence in the federal government in the National Council in Vienna because the “only goal of the VP” was “to increase the vaccination rate”.

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