We know why Adara’s father is a pissed off gorilla



Yes, you read it right. In the headline we say that Jesús Molinero is an angry gorilla. And we do not say it for being absent for free, we say it because Adara’s father in
, has as an avatar the photo of a gorilla quite pissed off.

A declaration of intentions
A declaration of intentions – Photo: Networks

This photo, we tell you from now on, is a declaration of intentions because Jesus Molinero is the scourge of all the detractors of his daughter in ‘Secret Story’. Well, in ‘Secret Story’ or in any medium in which her daughter prides herself on appearing, leaving no head puppet against those who dare to get against her.

Face it, you put the mask on your double chin too
Face it, you put the mask on your double chin too – Lagencia-Crush

A couple of examples:

Grooooarg! Judging by this attitude of Jesús Molinero, he adores his daughter and confronts everyone in order to defend her, but be careful, Jesus has not spoken with her for more than two years.

The reason?

This was what happened at the fateful GHVip 7 gala

Let’s go back to GHVip 7, reality that Adara won and in which He was unfaithful to the father of his son, Hugo Sierra with Gianmarco Onestini. It seems that Adara’s father did not like this infidelity, who expressed his discontent, attacked Gianmarco and defended his former son-in-law to the point of antagonizing his own daughter and getting pissed off like a monkey. Is your avatar understood now? Well that.

But the thing did not stop here. Adara’s father followed ‘enfadadísisisismo’ in the Survivors of 2020 where they participated Hugo Sierra and his ex-wife Elena Rodriguez. So angry was he that day after day, he defended Hugo Sierra but criticized Elena. If there was any hint of reconciliation, this attitude from Adara’s father, it didn’t really help.

One of the last times we've seen Adara on the beach
One of the last times we’ve seen Adara on the beach – Lagencia-Crush

And Carlos Sobera appeared

Let’s face it Carlos Sobera is able to put peace in a drunken fight. If there is someone who can calm the waters, that is Carlos, who with his resounding voice and good vibes, is capable of transmitting peace and serenity to the most tense situation.

Just by looking at this photo you relax.  Sleep
Just by looking at this photo you relax. Sleep – Lagencia-Crush

The seventh Secret Story gala was focused on Adara. There were messages from her ex boyfriend Rodri Fuertes and a very special call, that of his father.

Everything was good vibes uptight, the reproaches were growing minute by minute and the situation became more and more entrenched. Carlos Sobera tried to redirect the situation by asking Adara’s father to end the conversation with empathy and to tell his daughter that he loved her, but Jesús Molinero missed the opportunity that Carlos had served him on a silver platter.

The man behind the orangutan
The man behind the orangutan – Mediaset

Do you understand now why he has an orangutan avatar? Well that.

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