CUP, the enemy of Aragonés in the Government




Eulàlia Reguant, spokesperson for the CUP, confirmed yesterday the fears of the Government of Pere Aragonès. The party bases do not endorse the budget negotiation that the antisystem have maintained with ERC and Junts over the last few weeks, so the ‘president’ must reset the counter and restart conversations with its partners, who, for now, intend to present an amendment to the entire budget project prepared by the Catalan Executive.

The refusal ‘cupera’ – endorsed by the less than five hundred militants who participated in the internal consultation that set up the formation – certified the failure of the strategy that the Government has followed up to now with the anti-capitalists. As soon as you know the decision

–Yesterday at noon–, Aragonès (ERC) met urgently at the Palace of the Generalitat with his vice-president, Jordi Puigneró (Junts), the Catalan Minister of Economy and Finance, Jaume Giró (Junts), and with leaders of the two parties that form the government. Its objective? Directly refloat the negotiation, get down to the mud to trace relationships with your priority partners to avoid having to draw on the votes of the PSC, which yesterday was offered as an alternative again. In fact, the Socialists are the only group that will not present an amendment to the whole.

“Catalonia will have budgets and we still have time for them to be with the CUP,” promised the Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, after the regular weekly meeting, while the emergency meeting was being held. Hours later, the president held another meeting with several CUP leaders to know first-hand your requirements and the reasons for your refusal. This gesture represents a change of level with respect to the strategy followed by ERC over the last few weeks, in which it chose to remove the president from the negotiation and leave him aside with a calculated low profile.

Reguant: “Triple amendment”

From now on, the forces of the Government will try to open a new phase to prevent the CUP from spoiling the great political project of a legislature that began with the investiture ‘in extremis’ of Aragonès seven months ago. To do this, they will have to overcome the resistance of the anti-system, which yesterday accompanied their decision to reject the accounts with a battery of reproaches to ERC and Junts.

“Is a triple amendment to the normalized relationship with the State and the PSOE, to the sociovergent social model and to the ‘no turn’ to the left, “said Reguant after announcing the results of the ‘cupera’ consultation (63 percent of the militancy in favor of the enmineda to the totality).

Without specifying its demands, the CUP made dialectical pirouettes to balance their threats to break the majority held by the Government today (the 65 deputies from ERC and Junts plus the 9 from the CUP) with promises to continue negotiating to defuse the situation “until the last moment.”

“Masochistic pleasures”

While the secessionists opened the umpteenth internal crisis, the opposition lamented the precarious stability that the executive maintains today. The PSC spokeswoman, Alícia Romero, he criticized the “marketing” with the CUP and reiterated his outstretched hand to save Aragonès’ accounts. “If we do not receive a call to negotiate, we will present an amendment to the whole,” he said for his part. Jéssica Albiach (common), who just a few days ago was in favor of negotiating with ERC.

For his part, the leader of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernandez, He predicted on Twitter that the CUP will end up endorsing the accounts, but first it will humiliate the leaders of ERC and Junts a little more. «The masochistic pleasures that ERC and Junts enjoy with the CUP matter little to me, that they end up discarding the Winter Games, yes. What a disaster, ”he wrote. From Cs, Carlos Carrizosa he assured that the PSC and the CUP “fight” for being “the crutch of Aragonès”; while Vox accused the antisystem of wanting to “play ‘in extremis'” with next year’s accounts.

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