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The presentation in Valencia of ‘The other policies’, Colau, Oltra, Hamed, García and Díaz, has earned terms such as “coven” or “charitos pajama party.” In reality, it looks more like a carbon copy of the North American squad, the group of four congressmen from the left-wing Democrats who had a hard time with Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar, women of color (or not white), urban, focused on identity, anti-racism (or inverse racism) and diversity. Although they emerged in support of Bernie Sanders in 2016, they represent a cultural and intersectional shift to the left, closer to Antifa and Black Lives Matter than to concern about Sanders’ economic inequality.

The Spanish squad is made up of five women,

also young and urban. Politics for them is already, per se, climatic and feminist; They lack the racial element, but there is also a hijab, that of the Ceutí Fatima Hamed (the protean Ada Colau could be ‘racialized’ at one point). Although they are open to minorities and emigrants, the place of race will be occupied by the LGTBI and linguistic minorities, the territorial: a Galician voice, another Catalan, another Valencian close to nationalism and a Madrilenian, Mónica García, who is antiayusismo made woman .

They speak “from diversity.” They are ‘other policies’, the other, the other Muslim even, all the alternative minority. They are “diverse” (and a bit ‘Diberxas’) and renew the extractive demagoguery of ‘care’.

Just as the American squad starts from Sanders and takes another direction, the group of ‘the others’ (possible name to empower the other, the forgotten, neglected woman, ignored by machismo), the group of the others calls itself heir of the 15-M but it goes in another direction. Madrid’s central leftism, now intolerable, and anti-crisis workerism give way to an ideology that is quite similar to that of banks and corporations and can be seen not only as an alliance against the mythological ‘extreme right’, but also as the form it takes the left to overcome and disguise his abandonment of the worker.

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