Salvador Sostres: The last stop



You deserve to have your children kidnapped. The clamor for the pardon of Juana Rivas, which has finally been implemented, is the hatred of the children of a feminism so based on resentment, anger and denial of nature that everything is ready to destroy it in return. to unleash the monsters of his fanaticism. There is not a single feminist, especially among those who are so dedicated to insulting me, who has changed more diapers or given more bottles than me, or who has been more present in all aspects of her daughter’s life. There is not a single feminist, and very particularly among those who earn the

life making it appear that they defend the rights of women, that I have done for any of them not even a tenth of what I have done for the women in my life. Feminists, and the more activists, the worse, prefer propaganda to love; hatred of the man who takes care of the people they are supposed to love; the sinister ugliness to inspiring Grace; the atrocious egalitarianism, which does not exist and always leads to crime, to the respect and intelligence of each woman in her uniqueness and dignity, and of course the public beach bar to profit in the name of the cause that the generosity of really giving something.

The pardon to Juana Rivas is a disregard for life, how rotten it overflows, soulless apology for kidnapping. You deserve a Juana Rivas in your lives. But not in your imposed lives, which we all pay for, but in your lives of flesh and suffering, although I doubt that you have had the least generosity of having been mothers. And if you have been, I would not be surprised if when the time came you would prefer the delirium of your ideology to the life of your own children. This is what you have done with Juana. Such is your darkness, your detachment from the most elemental laws of Nature; You are the last stop on the train of terror of Humanity, where neither pity nor tenderness shine.

You started out being rude, denying courtesy and turning it into an insult, and then you desecrated churches and your body with degrading scratches. You ended up spreading death on March 8, knowing perfectly well the attack you were committing, and by playing solidarity and vindication, you infected Madrid with your twisted cruelty. You are fanaticism against life, deadly resentment, irreparable damage to those who have the little shame to say that you protect. Not even the kidnapping of children stops you. And it’s not that it doesn’t stop you: it’s that you don’t care. Having Juana Rivas as a symbol of your screaming portrays your filth. No moderately decent mother or father could accept such an attack on their children, or those of others. Only from pathology, from what clearly lives on the outskirts of Providence and compassion, can this drama that you embody from all categories of Evil be understood.

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