Van der Bellen appeals to a sense of community

On Friday evening, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen appealed to the community feeling in view of the widening rifts in society and called not to allow a split. In a televised address, the Federal President described the decision of the federal government with the governors for a lockdown as “right now – even if it came very late.”

“The development in the hospitals is too drastic, the situation in which we have come as a community is too dangerous. It simply couldn’t go on like this,” said the Federal President. “It’s about protecting and saving human lives. I ask you, do your part to ensure that we can cope with this fourth wave as well and as quickly as possible,” the Federal President appealed to the citizens.

“There are also human duties”

Van der Bellen pointed out that in a democratic society each and every individual has rights, such as fundamental and civil liberties, human rights. But there are also “human duties. The duty to be there for one another. The duty not to look away. The duty to help, to act, the duty to protect our community. And under the circumstances in which we are now, One of these obligations is now compulsory vaccination. The lockdown helps us to break the acute wave. Compulsory vaccination can help us to prevent further waves. “

“We need each other”

The Federal President warned urgently against a division in society: “There is a great risk that the rifts will now get even deeper. But we must not allow that. We belong together. We need one another. We depend on one another. We are all Austria. And If the rift also runs right through families and friendships, we now have to remember that we are families. That we are friends. And family and friendship are ultimately stronger, ultimately must be stronger than this virus. “

“Reciprocal accusations do not solve anything now. Nothing gets better now if we point the finger at the other and direct our anger against them. Please let us stop that. Let us look at the solution,” Van der Bellen appealed to the Austrians. “It is our responsibility as citizens not to let anger, pain and anger dominate us now. Let us reflect on our virtues. The ability to see the good in each other.”

The Federal President thanked all Austrians who had struggled against this pandemic for 20 months and also got people in the mood for the future: “The coming weeks will demand a lot from us. We all, each and every one of us, must do everything we can to ensure that that the fourth wave will be broken and the next one prevented. Let us not be divided. Let us build a strong community based on solidarity. Please help, “appealed the head of state.

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