The majority Association of Prosecutors demands the “immediate resignation” of Delgado

The Association of Prosecutors (AF), majority in the race, has put the icing on the cake to one of the most critical weeks of the mandate of the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado. The celebration of the XXIII congress of this association, the majority in the race, has ended this Saturday with the request for the resignation of the highest representative of the Public Ministry, considering that its lack of transparency and impartiality is doing enormous damage to the institution. The AF has been questioning Delgado’s lack of neutrality from the beginning of his mandate, which began, without interruption, from the Ministry of Justice of the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

patience of this association, has been the complaint of the prosecutor of the Stampa case in this newspaper last Thursday. Carlos Ruiz de Alegría assures that Delgado’s right hand, the head of the Technical Secretariat, Álvaro García Ortiz, delayed in a “sibyline and tortuous” way the investigation to the prosecutor of the Tandem case (Ignacio Stampa) with the aim of arriving with her open to the Fiscal Council in which he applied for eight positions in Anti-Corruption. Ruiz de Alegría, a member of the Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF), the attorney general’s association, says that there was no further investigation to be carried out and that the investigation was exhausted but that it was forced to keep it open. It so happens that the office of Baltasar Garzón, Delgado’s partner, defends three defendants from the cause of which Stampa was a prosecutor. And the conclusions approved by the AF refer to that possible conflict of interest that this case flies over.

“Conflict of interests”

In them, the Association of Prosecutors considers that the attorney general should resign immediately “due to lack of suitability due to her direct origin from politics and due to her conflicts of interest.” «The erratic and sectarian actions and decisions of Dolores Delgado have already caused serious damage to the prestige of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. His permanence in office is incompatible with impartiality and the constitutional principles that govern our Institution, “he says.

The Association of Prosecutors recalls that the State Attorney General You have the legal obligation to abstain in all those matters in which you have any type of personal or family interest or that affect politicians, and that implies that it cannot collect information on those in which it should not intervene.

The prosecutors remind that it is necessary that the procedure for the appointment and removal of the State Attorney General “guarantees the independence” of the State against the Government and that the appointment of attorneys general from politics is prevented.

«Given the seriousness of the current situation of the Justice system, subjected to a fierce strategy of delegitimization, and in the face of the evident credibility crisis and the institutional irrelevance of the State Attorney General, the Association of Prosecutors calls for a new Organic Statute that reinforces the autonomy of the Public Prosecutor, essential to undertake the investigation with guarantees. They refer to the reform of the Criminal Procedure Law that leaves the criminal investigation now handled by the judge in the hands of the prosecutor.

In this sense, the prosecutors recall that the institutional autonomy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office «Requires regulatory power to exercise its own powers of self-organization and budget management, including the training of prosecutors, eliminating ministerial tutelage “. An enlightening example of what economic dependence on the Government implies is the fact that the Ministry has to authorize the expenses derived from a rogatory commission that is carried out within the framework of secret proceedings that could affect a member of the Executive. Something that should be secret would already raise all kinds of suspicions about the government in question.

Merit and ability

The AF also requests a “strengthening of the functions of the Fiscal Council, as an organ of democratic representation of the race ». «We demand that a appointment policy based on the principles of merit and ability, abandoning the arbitrariness that prevails in the appointments of the State Attorney General “, who is accused of having taken over the fiscal leadership with her relatives from the Progressive Union of Prosecutors.

Among the conclusions, other classic demands of the race: the increase and adaptation of the workforce, establishment of maximum workloads, a plan for the prevention of occupational risks of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, review of salaries and productivity and updating of allowances.

Finally, the Association of Prosecutors praises and vindicates “the rigorous work” of the 2,553 members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office that, “apart from the deficiencies existing in our institution, they fulfill every day their duty to promote the action of justice, from the impartiality and with full submission to the law.”

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