72 percent of Germans feel that cohesion has been weakened by the pandemic

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A sign in front of a café draws visitors’ attention to the applicable 2G+ rule © Monika Skolimowska / dpa

According to many Germans, social cohesion suffered more or less badly during the pandemic.

Berlin – According to a survey for the Caritas Association published in Berlin on Tuesday, a total of 72 percent of those questioned share this opinion. 37 percent are of the opinion that cohesion has weakened significantly during the corona crisis. Another 35 percent of the participants find that he has lost some weight.

In contrast, only 25 percent see an improvement. “The numbers confirm what our colleagues are experiencing in the services and facilities. There are great moments of lived solidarity and many examples of coming together in the pandemic. Overall, however, the feeling that the ‘we’ is suffering considerably in the pandemic prevails.” , explained Caritas President Eva Maria Welskop-Deffaa. The pandemic had “exhausted the forces”.

The survey institute Forsa interviewed the participants on behalf of the Caritas association in two waves as part of a larger study on the subject of voluntary commitment and cohesion. In December and January, a thousand people aged 14 and over took part.



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