American refrigerator: discover its advantages

American fridge Balay

The american fridge from house that you have in front of you, is one of its most recent launches and one of the models that is receiving the best reception. This American refrigerator from Balay can be control in a very way simple and intuitive.

Its touch control has no mystery. In addition, it offers a careful design, also very easy to clean. This American fridge from Balay is from no-frost type. Cooling is much more efficient, plus it avoid the formation of Frost.

It incorporates automatic defrosting and evaporation function. It has dimensions of 70.7 x 90.8 x 178.7 centimeters and integrates perfectly with most kitchen styles.

American fridge with Hisense water dispenser

It is american fridge with dispenser from Water Y ice of Hisense has a capacity of 499 and dimensions of 64.6 x 91.7 x 179.1 centimeters. Its no-frost technology works with uniform cooling with the Multi Air Flow system that reaches each space of this device.

Its air circulation keeps food colder for longer. This American refrigerator with water dispenser no connection required directly with the system running water of the house It has a tank inside, very comfortable and easy to fill.

Furthermore, thanks to his design from reduced depth It is an electrical appliance that integrates perfectly into any kitchen.

LG stainless steel American refrigerator

The american fridge in stainless steel of LG is one of the Best sellers on Amazon. It is a high-capacity cooling apparatus, with a total space of 591L and an A++ energy efficiency system, almost the best.

We already know that normally the fridge is the device that consumes the most at home. Here we are talking about 375 kWh per year, compared to the average of the rest of the models, almost half according to data from the OCU.

This stainless steel American style refrigerator integrates perfectly with any style of kitchen. Practically 7 out of 10 people who have bought it value it with 5 stars. Almost all highlight how quiet it is and its energy efficiency.

Universalblue 4-door black American refrigerator

Now this model american fridge in negro and with 4 doors of Universalblue. This is a different device than most. It is an American refrigerator with 4 doors that allows to visualize all the foods in a single glance.

Its elegant black design offers a extra efficiency and durability. This black 4-door American refrigerator is perfect for large families, also for those who love order.

It offers a fridge space with 321 liters and a freezer from 161L. It is an American 4-door refrigerator equipped with everything you need; 3 glass shelves, 2 drawers, 6 door baskets and 1 vegan box.

American refrigerator XXL Candy

we end with the american refrigerator XXL for Candy, another of the best valued products that can be found within its category. It offers a total capacity of 529 total liters, 344L of space in the fridge and 185 liters in the freezer.

It is an American XXL refrigerator with ice and water dispenser, which does not require a connection to the current home system. It is an appliance with an elegant stainless steel finish, integrated handles for greater versatility and anti-fingerprint property.

The system Total No Frost of this XXL American refrigerator distributes the cold in a really efficient way and reduces maintenance. It is not necessary to defrost every so often.

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