Arms exports in 2021 at a record value of 9.35 billion euros

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Arms exports will reach a record in 2021 © Michael Kappeler / dpa

Last year, the federal government approved arms exports worth 9.35 billion euros, more than ever before.

Berlin – The federal government approved arms exports for 9.35 billion euros last year, more than ever before. The increase compared to the previous year was 61 percent. Of the total amount, 9.04 billion euros can be traced back to approvals from the old federal government of the Union and the SPD. In the first three weeks after taking office on December 8, the new federal government of SPD, Greens and FDP only allowed exports for 309 million euros. This emerges from the preliminary annual statistics published by the Federal Ministry of Economics on Tuesday.

The previous high for arms export licenses dates back to 2019 at 8.015 billion euros and was exceeded by more than a billion euros last year. It had already become known in December that the old federal government had approved arms exports worth 4.91 billion euros in the office alone in the last nine days. At this point, she was only in office as an executive and was therefore not required to make any more far-reaching political decisions.

Particularly explosive: The number one recipient country by far is Egypt, which has been criticized for human rights violations and its involvement in the conflicts in Yemen and Libya. The government approved weapons and other armaments worth 4.34 billion euros for the North African country, which was ruled with an iron fist. (dpa)

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