Boris Palmer does not want to run in the Green primary in Tübingen

DAccording to a newspaper report, Tübingen Mayor Boris Palmer does not want to face his party’s primary election, which is intended to determine a top candidate for the new elections in autumn. He could not participate in the nomination process because of the “now beginning party exclusion process,” quoted the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” on Tuesday from a letter from 49-year-old Palmer to the Greens city association. It is “logically and factually impossible to run a procedure for nomination and exclusion at the same time”. A candidate cannot be both – “nominated and excluded”. Palmer initially declined to comment on the report when asked.

The Tübingen party executive of the Greens replied to the incumbent’s refusal that the offer to participate in the primary election was still valid and independent of the party exclusion process. “If Palmer were elected by the grass roots, we would also fight the party,” said the spokesman for the Tübingen Greens, Marc Mausch.

The Baden-Württemberg Greens had decided in May last year to have Palmer expelled from the party. He had previously made racist comments about former national soccer player Dennis Aogo in a Facebook post from the Greens’ point of view. According to Palmer, the statements were meant to be satirical. Investigations into this were discontinued in September. Palmer had previously crossed paths with his party with statements on refugee policy and corona measures.

Primary election with a single candidate?

Because of the threat of Palmer’s party expulsion, who has governed Tübingen since 2010, the Greens city association had decided to hold a primary election for the next mayoral candidate. The mayor of the Weilheim district of Tübingen, Ulrike Baumgärtner, has already applied for it. The incumbent has so far left open whether Palmer wants to run as an independent candidate. The newspaper reported that there were many doubts whether Baumgärtner could assert himself against the incumbent, who was successful in local politics.

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Palmer still has supporters with the Greens in Tübingen, but also nationwide. Most recently, 500 Greens, including prominent federal and state politicians, spoke out against the party exclusion process. The decision on whether Palmer has to leave the party could take a long time. Last week, the district party referred the case to the state arbitration board, which Palmer had requested.

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