Clamor before the planned sacrifice of 38 Beagle puppies after experimenting with them in Barcelona




Total mobilization in social networks against the planned sacrifice of 38 Beagle puppies. The news that the dogs could be sacrificed on January 24 after being used for an experiment has gone viral on social networks and has caused an avalanche of messages that cry out against these deaths. The specimens are participating in research at the University of Barcelona (UB), specifically with the testing of an antifibrotic drug for 28 days. The forecasts happen because at the end of this period the puppies are sacrificed, as long as popular pressure does not prevent it.

For the experiment, the UB hired the services of Vivotecnia, a laboratory that has been repeatedly denounced for animal abuse.

The company’s practices were paralyzed a few months ago in the Community of Madrid when the NGO Cruelty Free International released some videos showing its staff mocking the animals subjected to experimentation with insults and humiliating phrases in the style “like Hitler : Passengers to the train!». In addition, some workers appear on the tape beating and insulting the creatures.

Despite the controversy in Madrid, the UB Science Park Foundation contracted the services of this laboratory on November 10 through a public tender of 255,000 euros. Now, according to animal rights groups, the puppies involved in the investigation are locked up in lousy conditions, in tiny cages and deprived of clean air and sunlight. Every day their health condition worsens, without receiving medication to calm the pain, they add. In addition, Cruelty Free International accuses Vivotecnia of carrying out experiments on living beings, who suffer and suffer, without providing them with anesthesia and inflicting unnecessary pain.

During the last 24 hours, several publications have circulated on the internet in which the event is reported and is encouraged to act to try to stop the sacrifice. Some of the contents recall that, both in article 30 of Royal Decree 53/2013, of February 1, and in Directive 2010/63/EU, it is established that at the end of the investigation the puppies must be rehoused and given up for adoption. . Others include contact details of the UB to beg en masse to the UB for the release of the 38 creatures.

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