Conflict over Ukraine: Habeck calls for de-escalation

The situation between Russia and Ukraine continues to deteriorate dramatically. Economics Minister Habeck calls for prudence. The priority now is to ease the conflict.

Hamburg – In view of the critical situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck has called for the conflict to calm down.

“Even during the Cold War, the situation was not as dangerous as it is now,” the Green politician warned in Hamburg on Tuesday. On the armed front lines, an accident or carelessness was enough to turn it into a hot conflict. “Therefore: Yes, the West, the USA must always reserve the right to potential sanctions, but efforts must be directed towards de-escalating this situation again.”

Habeck stressed that NATO was responsible for the decision to deliver defensive weapons to Ukraine. “That’s where it belongs.” At the same time, he defended his earlier statements about the delivery of defensive weapons. Germany has helped Ukrainian wounded in the past. “So it makes sense to make sure that they don’t get wounded,” said Habeck, referring to armored vehicles, for example.

Habeck did not comment specifically on the future of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. However, he demanded that Russia and the West should return to partnership. In fact, you depend on each other. “We need gas, the Russians need foreign exchange for their state to function.” In the current situation, however, it must be taken into account that the West could lose focus on Ukraine if gas only went through Nord Stream 2 and no longer through Ukraine come to the west. dpa

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