Constitutional complaint about parity electoral lists in Thuringia failed

Thuringian state parliament, recorded last December
Image: dpa

The Karlsruhe judges did not accept the complaint for decision. The submission was directed against a ruling by the Constitutional Court in Weimar, which overturned the parity law.

Dhe Federal Constitutional Court has not accepted an appeal against the judgment of the Thuringian Constitutional Court against the introduction of alternate electoral lists for women and men. The constitutional complaint of several voters – some members of parties – is inadmissible, said the second senate in Karlsruhe on Tuesday. The court in Thuringia had declared the state’s parity law void in July 2020.

The law was passed in July 2019 by the Thuringian state parliament with the votes of the Left, SPD and Greens. The AfD, on the other hand, went to the Constitutional Court in Weimar, which overturned the law again. As a result, citizens and political representatives in Thuringia turned to the Federal Constitutional Court.

However, your constitutional complaint was not well enough justified, it now decided. A possible violation of fundamental rights is not sufficiently explained. In February 2021, the Federal Constitutional Court had already rejected a lawsuit by women who wanted to have equal representation on electoral lists for the Bundestag regulated by law.

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