Corona incidence over 1000 – More and more cities are becoming hotspots

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From: Luisa Weckesser

In Frankfurt, the corona incidence has exceeded 1000. © Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa

Frightening incidences of more than 1000 show several cities and districts in Germany. But where is Corona particularly widespread? An overview.

Kassel – The Corona-Numbers of cases* in Germany are increasing rapidly. More and more cities and counties are exceeding new highs for incidences. In more and more cities and districts, the incidence value is already over 1000.

But the number of cases is not increasing so rapidly everywhere. The former corona hotspot Saxony is now one of the federal states with the lowest incidence values ​​along with Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. Researchers only see this as a breathing space. “By the end of January at the latest, we expect an increase again,” said the Leipzig epidemiologist Markus Scholz of the German Press Agency (dpa).

Incidence over 1000: Berlin and Bremen at the top of the corona hotspots in Germany

The cities with the highest incidence values ​​include Bremen and several districts in Berlin. In Bremen, the incidence is well over 1000. The newly introduced warning level four therefore applies in the city of Bremen. Gastronomy, culture and sport are basically only accessible to vaccinated and recovered people with an additional test (2G plus). In Bremerhaven, the numbers of infections and hospital admissions are lower. There, warning level two applies with fewer conditions. The incidence is currently only higher in Berlin Neukölln and Berlin Mitte than in Bremen.

In addition to Bremen and Berlin, other cities and districts are also struggling with incidences that exceed 1000:

  • Berlin Neukoelln: Incidence 1540.6 / 7-day case number 4907
  • Berlin center: Incidence 1379.1 / 7-day case number 5166
  • Bremen: Incidence 1375.1 / 7-day case number 7791
  • Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: incidence 1362.4 / 7-day case number 3804
  • Delmenhorst: incidence 1328.8 / 7-day case numbers 1026
  • Frankfurt am Main: Incidence 1220.0 / 7-day case number 9322
  • Berlin Reinickendorf: Incidence 1106.6 / 7-day case number 2874
  • Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf: Incidence 1040.1 / 7-day case number 3289
  • Berlin-Lichtenberg: Incidence 1003.7 / 7-day case number 2931

Source: RKI Dashboard, Stand 18.01.22, 03.26

Incidence over 1000: Berlin Senator for Health expects a sharp increase in the numbers

Berlin’s Health Senator Ulrike Gote expects a further rapid and strong increase in corona infections caused by the Omicron virus variant. “In the short term we will exceed the 1000 incidence,” said the Green politician on Thursday (13.01.22) in the House of Representatives.

“Omicron brings more infected people than previous waves,” Gote continued. Everyone will feel that in themselves or in their environment. Good friends who were careful and would have done everything to prevent a corona infection would still get infected. “It will be the same for all of us,” said Gote.

Corona incidence over 1000: Rules have to be constantly adapted

That is why it is necessary to constantly adapt how we deal with Corona, according to the health senator with a view to measures such as the new rules. From Saturday (15.01.22) only those who have been boosted (those who have been vaccinated three times) and those who have been vaccinated twice and those who have recovered with an additional test will have access to the catering trade and at events. “I’m saying here: Actually, today you can only feel and describe yourself as fully vaccinated if you’re also boosted,” says Gote. “Boosters make the difference.”

According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, the federal government’s corona vaccination target by the end of January is in serious danger. The SPD politician told the news portal The Pioneer: “It will be very difficult, that’s clear.” (Luisa Weckesser with dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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