Corona plan for schools: uproar over France’s education minister

EFrench Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer claimed that the protective measures for the schools after the Christmas holidays were “close to reality”. But now it has emerged that the delayed information on infection protection for headmasters, teachers and parents probably had another reason. The minister was on holiday on the party island of Ibiza and from there he gave the interview to the daily newspaper Le Parisien, in which he informed the teachers about the new rules the evening before school started (and behind a payment barrier).

The newspaper probably took part in the hide-and-seek game against their knowledge. She provided a photo of the minister in a suit and tie in his Paris office for the interview. The left-leaning Internet editorial team Mediapart revealed the Ibiza affair of the presidential couple’s former favorite on Monday evening. Since then there has been an uproar in the teachers’ rooms. According to union information, 75 percent of teachers went on strike last week because of the chaotic pandemic management.

New work stoppages and protests

At the height of the omicron wave, testing stations are overwhelmed by testing all student contact cases three times as requested. The government felt compelled to relax the rules. But the anger is also directed against the fact that the Minister of Education had ironed out all demands for greater testing capacities in schools, FFP2 masks for teachers and CO2 measuring devices for classrooms.

A man demands the resignation of education minister Blanquer at a demonstration in Marseille.

A man demands the resignation of education minister Blanquer at a demonstration in Marseille.

Image: AFP

After the strike, Prime Minister Jean Castex had to call an emergency meeting with union and parent representatives, at which he made promises to them. But the Ibiza affair has reignited displeasure. Work stoppages and protests are expected to resume on Thursday. The anger in the centrally organized school system about the minister is great. The fact that the employer basks in the sun while school principals await instructions does not soothe tempers. The students suffered the most, many of whom became infected in the first week.

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