Election campaign in Waidhofen – read “Mein Kampf”: scandal about FPÖ candidates

The election campaign in Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Lower Austria is picking up speed. There is a lot of fuss about a supposed statement by the FPÖ frontman Josef Gschwandegger. In an online report by the district newspapers, he is quoted as having last read the book Mein Kampf. When asked by “Krone”, the politician put that into perspective.

An interview causes a stir! On January 30th, the people of Waidhofen will be spoiled for choice. Seven lists are fighting for entry into the municipal council. And it’s exciting, because with the Independent Electoral Community list, the Greens, the People, Freedom and Basic Rights (MFG) list, which is appearing for the first time in Lower Austria, and the FPÖ, more than half of all lists have to fear for entry. The atmosphere in the statutory city is correspondingly heated. Inaccurately quoted? A supposed spokesman for the FPÖ top candidate Josef Gschwandegger on the platform meinbezirk.at is currently causing a lot of fuss – in a “wordrap” carried out with all candidates he is said to have stated that as the last book to have read “Mein Kampf”, Adolf Hitler’s ideological programme. When asked by the “Krone” he claims to have been quoted imprecisely. He did read the book, but a long time ago. He doesn’t own it either. “Having read this book is not forbidden, only possession is punishable,” said the public prosecutor’s office on request. At least for the time being there is no procedure.


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