Fascism comparison – Dornbirn city councilor Martin Hämmerle resigns

Martin Hämmerle, a non-partisan from Dornbirn, has been a member of the city council for the Greens. After his fascism comparison in terms of vaccination and the 2G rule, however, that’s the end of it.

Even before he was thrown out, Hämmerle had tried to justify his statements: “I am part of the ‘Greens against compulsory vaccination and 2G’ initiative, which proposes a conciliatory way out of the federal government’s corona policy crisis,” he said. He called for the controversial and socially divisive law on compulsory vaccination to be rejected. At the same time he regrets that his “reference to history and learning from it has been so misinterpreted”. “I feel a great need to oppose inhuman tendencies and to advocate good dialogue and respectful cooperation.” But the Greens’ patience was apparently exhausted. Group leader Juliane Alton announced her resignation. Aaron Wölfling is now to take over from Hämmerle. The 20-year-old is part of the founding team of “Fridays For Future”.


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