For the second time – Kickl without a mask: police demand “extradition”

The police have once again applied for the immunity of FPÖ chairman Herbert Kickl to be lifted: As at the beginning of last year, the liberal club boss is accused of not having complied with the FFP2 mask requirement during a demonstration against the Corona measures, which is why a administrative penalty threatened. The parliamentary administration confirmed the application of the Vienna magistrate for Kickl to be extradited.

The application is about the rally on December 11 at Heldenplatz, in which Kickl took part. He faces a fine of up to 500 euros. The “Request for Consent to Prosecution” was assigned to the Immunity Committee. Kickl had already been extradited by Parliament in mid-April 2021 because of a similar case. There was also excitement about the FPÖ leader at a demo in January, who is said not to have worn a mask there either. Kickl warns of “hunting for those who have recovered” in the freedom As of Tuesday morning, the club had no knowledge of the magistrate’s request, which is why nothing could be said there about how to proceed. Instead, Kickl warned in a broadcast again before the introduction of compulsory vaccination and an imminent “hunt for those who have recovered” should the validity of the vaccination certificates be reduced for this group – as in Germany.

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