Galán denies having ordered, authorized or known the contracts with Villarejo




The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, has appeared this Monday for nearly two hours as accused in the Villarejo case before Judge Manuel García Castellón and to his questions, as well as those of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and his own lawyer has denied having any responsibility or knowledge of those assignments and it has also positioned itself as a possible victim of espionage by the controversial command. The instructor has summoned him to file the relevant complaint.

Galán has arrived on foot five minutes before his appointment with the judge, which was at 10:30 a.m. but did not start until an hour later, when the appearance of the also investigated has ended Fernando Becker, former president of Iberdrola Spain and hierarchical superior of the former head of Security, Antonio Asenjo.

The same one who was an interlocutor with Villarejo in the contracts. He has assured that he had no knowledge of the parcels or the supplier.

Already in his turn, Galán has had to listen reproduced by the judge some of the conversations that take place in the summary between the commissioner himself and Antonio Asenjo, in which the former refers to him as “the gentleman.” As explained in sources familiar with the statement, he has refused to add anything about it, not seeing the need to comment on other people’s talks. He did say that he did not know if anyone called him by that name.

Regarding contracts and invoices, it has been unmarked after a detailed explanation of the company’s internal hierarchy, where the various departments are ‘autonomous’. He has detailed that each area had its own managers, such as Asenjo in Security, and he, who was above, did not get the details of these issues, because he focused on strategy and investments.

«We will have to ask Asenjo»

In this sense, he has placed all the responsibility on the former head of security, of whom he has come to affirm that he signed those contracts without following the internal regulations of the company since there was no prior order to support the invoices, as evidenced by the investigation. . That is why, he pointed out, he was fired.

On this matter, the Prosecutor’s Office and the judge have questioned that being so, Galán summoned him to eat at his house on a Sunday, when the conditions of his departure from the company and a large compensation would have been agreed. The chairman of Iberdrola has assured at this point that he receives “many employees” in his home and that on Sundays, in fact, his office is his own home. At another point in the statement, he replied that the presumption of innocence still weighs on Asenjo. But she had already put the responsibility of the errands on him.

And in those orders there are alleged espionage on the former president of Endesa Manuel Pizarro and on the president of ACS Florentino Pérez. Galán has denied, as with the rest of the commissions, any knowledge and has added that if such conduct occurred, it seems to him “deplorable and unacceptable”.

In fact, he maintains that he himself was spied on by Villarejo at a meal in Zamora. Iberdrola’s defense has already informed the judge of this matter in a letter based on an entry in the commissioner’s agendas where it is described that Galán was having lunch in a certain restaurant, the physical features of his companions and mention of a topic of conversation. The investigating judge, who already rejected that from that note it could be inferred that the president of the electric company was a victim, has summoned him today to present the corresponding complaint and request the appearance in the case if he maintains that he was indeed followed.

Charge against the witness

It has also ruled on José Antonio Del Olmo, who was Iberdrola’s controller and who has become the main prosecution witness against the company and Galán himself in this separate piece because in 2004 and due to the suspicion of billing irregularities, he kept a report and a battery of invoices in the custody of a notary public in anticipation if one day the issue turned against him.

When he was charged in the Villarejo case, he recovered that material and put it on the table. He comes declaring that Galan should be aware of everything. Iberdrola has sued him inside and outside the National High Court and has already won the battle in a commercial court for stealing those documents. In the Villarejo case, it is being investigated by order of the Criminal Chamber, that he asked Judge García Castellón to clarify whether the documentation he has provided is false or not.

For Galán, it is unacceptable that a person who has spent so many years in the company never denounce this supposed irregular action, neither by the ordinary channel nor by the internal mechanisms and not even when a mailbox was created that would have guaranteed him anonymity and to which he would have been able to go even when he was already retired.

1.1 million euros in orders

Galán is being investigated for an alleged continued crime of active bribery, as well as a crime against privacy and another continued falsity in a commercial document committed by individuals, for the projects commissioned from Villarejo companies while he was still active for an amount greater than 1.1 million euros for more than a decade.

The projects, of which 17 invoices are recorded, although it is being investigated whether there were payments made through an interposed security company, range from deactivating the social and political opposition to the construction of a plant in Arcos de la Frontera (“Arrow” project) to alleged espionage on the president of Endesa, Manuel Pizarro (“Blackboard” project), going through another to the president of ACS, Florentino Pérez (“Posy”) or inquiries about a Swiss wind power (“Wind”). For this last assignment, in 2011, Iberdrola Renovables is charged as a legal entity.

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