Hans Peter Doskozil – Burgenland decides structural plan for health

Provincial Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) presented the Regional Health Structure Plan 2025 for Burgenland on Tuesday. Among other things, this provides for the preservation of five hospital sites, and a survey of the population on the subject of health is also planned. In 2022, almost 180 million euros will be invested in the supply. In addition, 50 million euros will flow into the next sections of the new hospital building in Oberwart.

The regional health structure plan was adopted as the central planning tool for health care. The state, federal government and social insurance agree on the services in the hospitals, the number of panel doctor positions and their financing under the aegis of the Burgenland Health Fund (BURGEF). According to Doskozil, the most important aspect of the structure plan is the guarantee of the five hospital locations: “We can thus ensure high-quality medical care close to home in all districts.” In addition, there are various specializations of the hospitals.

As far as the internal organization is concerned, things are going in the direction of overarching departments. Basic care is offered in smaller hospitals, with a focus on relieving the larger hospitals so that they can free up capacity for acute care, explained KRAGES Managing Director Hubert Eisl. This means that the rescue service will drive to the main hospitals more often in the future.

“Present model” in Eisenstadt

The main hospital in northern Burgenland will be that in Eisenstadt, in the south of Oberwart. In the Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy in Eisenstadt, the psychiatry, the children’s intensive care unit and the neurology department are being expanded. The expansion of the intensive care unit, in turn, will enable ECMO lung replacement therapy. The ENT department is managed at the two sites in Eisenstadt and Oberwart. Each location will have its focus, but at the same time young doctors can be offered comprehensive ENT training, according to Eisenstadt hospital director Robert Maurer, who spoke of a “model model”.

The new building in Oberwart is running at full speed, both in terms of costs and the time frame, they are on schedule. The topping-out ceremony is to take place in March, the governor announced. Medical innovations in Oberwart are robotic surgery and the new heart catheter laboratory for southern Burgenland.

The Güssing hospital has the departments of internal medicine, surgery including the breast health center, anesthesia and intensive care medicine, orthopedics and traumatology as well as an eye day clinic. In addition, acute geriatrics and remobilization will be set up.

After long discussions, the maternity ward at the Oberpullendorf location will remain in place, but only until 2025. The development up to that point, for example in the number of cases or the establishment of the fertility department, will decide whether it will continue to exist, according to Doskozil. Medically new in Oberpullendorf is the special offer in ophthalmology.

Residential area also supported

The hospital in Kittsee, on the other hand, specializes in urology. In addition, acute geriatrics and remobilization will be set up in the north of the country. From 2030, this will move to the new location in Gols with the entire current Kittsee range of services.

According to Eisl, the number of beds will drop from the current 1,160 to 1,018, a number that will “get along well”, he referred to the shorter length of stay and the trend towards outpatient procedures. Maurer also confirmed this.

There is also support for the private sector. In the event that ordinations cannot be filled after multiple advertisements, KRAGES will support you with the supply.

In the state government, the RSG-B 2025 is to be decided on Tuesday and then published on the state’s website and sent to the state parliament – although the latter would not be necessary, as the state governor noted. According to the press release, a survey on the subject of “Healthy in Burgenland” will soon be launched to find out satisfaction with the current care and opinions about further developments beyond 2025.

“Destroying a well-functioning health care system”

The ÖVP, on the other hand, saw the “destruction of well-functioning health care” in the innovations. Club chairman Markus Ulram called for five “full” hospitals in a broadcast: “This is the only way to guarantee comprehensive care close to home.” The Greens missed details about the planned hospital in Gols and criticized the governor: “Here a personal decision to the detriment of nature and the detriment of taxpayers is pushed through,” complained club chairwoman Regina Petrik. (apa)


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