Improve the image of the city of Talavera, objective of the Employment Plan




The Councilor for Economic and Business Promotion of Talavera de la Reina, Paloma Sánchez, has indicated that most of the 300 people in the new Employment Plan will start working on February 1 in the projects that the government team has planned to improve the image of the city, which have an investment of 3.8 million euros, financed between the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha and the City Council.

The councilor explained at a press conference this Monday that this new Employment Plan implies “a great economic effort” for the City Council, although she has reiterated that the objective of the Government team is to commit to active employment policies that “help the labor insertion of all the unemployed and unemployed of Talavera«, since the priority of the municipal Government «is and will always be employment».

In this regard, it has specified that all active employment policies that the Government of Talavera has launched during this legislature they have given work to about 900 people, the City Council has informed in a statement.

The councilor has reported that, with the publication this Monday of the final lists of those admitted to the Employment Plan, 297 of the 300 participants will start working from February 1 for a period of six months, who will be they add a supervisor and two coordinators who began on December 1 with the tasks of planning, coordination and management of the projects that are going to be developed.

These 300 families, as stated, they will have a monthly income that will enable them to improve their quality of life, in addition to training that “will give them an opportunity for employability.”

88% of those admitted have never participated in any employment program in Talavera. He has also highlighted that with the novelties that have been incorporated into the bases of this call, priority has been given both to people who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, and to the unemployed who have not previously participated in the employment in the city.

For the councilor, this means that the government team “listens to the suggestions of the residents of Talavera and we collect them in changes that we have applied in the bases, giving opportunities to people who had never had the option of accessing the Plan of Employment, with a greater rotation».

an ambitious plan

He stressed that it is a “very ambitious” employment program that will mainly benefit the daily image of the city, since a total of six six-month projects will be launched, two of which are called ‘Image of a Sustainable City’ and will be developed in the eastern and western areas of the city, in order to reach all neighborhoods, and in which green spaces, children’s areas and of service.

Another of the new projects will be ‘Auxiliary actions prior to the archaeological intervention for the recovery of the Walls and their surroundings’, as well as ‘Talavera Ciudad Deportiva y Saludable’, for the maintenance of sports facilities with painting, masonry, cleaning and disinfection.

Also, it will start one more on ‘Image of Safe Children’s Leisure City’ for performances in playgrounds in the city. Along the same lines, the updating and revision of the documentation of the municipal libraries will be carried out for the classification of collections, in addition to the digitization of the municipal newspaper library.

In reference to the payment of the sentence of the Employment Plans of the previous Government of the PP, Paloma Sánchez has recalled that the Government team is holding meetings to report on all the steps of the procedure that are being followed to obtain the financing that will solve the compliance with the sentences, since, he has insisted, “each and every one of the workers who have a sentence and that corresponds to them will be paid”.

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