Kocher: More and more companies want vaccinated employees

“We see that more and more companies want their employees to be vaccinated for safety reasons,” said Kocher on Tuesday at the sidelines of a press conference in Vienna. At the moment, the labor market is large enough to still have vacancies for everyone. “At the moment there are few problem areas.”

“The lowest safety net for security in the workplace is 3G,” says Kocher. However, employers can choose whether to require employees to use 2G. It is possible to ask whether someone has been vaccinated or recovered during job interviews, and “most experts agree on that,” says Kocher.

“We don’t want to mix labor law with compulsory vaccination laws,” the politician affirmed. “There is no direct link. Other vaccines and diseases also have implications for the workplace.” Overall, the labor market is different in terms of different vaccination requirements, Kocher emphasized, among other things, the health sector, where 2G applies.


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