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The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all users. All the last hours of Tuesday, January 18 with a complete summary that you cannot miss:

A former espionage chief of Maduro denounces Russian bases in Venezuela

right in full crisis between Russia and the United States On account of the possible invasion of Ukraine, the person who was the head of Venezuelan espionage until his defection in 2019 has circulated a statement from his North American exile to affirm that the Kremlin already operates comfortably in America under the wing of Chavismo with two bases already installed in Venezuelan territory.

The Paris Court condemns Zemmour, ultra candidate, to pay 10,000 euros for racial hate speech

The Paris Court has sentenced Eric Zemmour, ultra-right candidate for the presidency of the Republic, 10.000 euros fine for the crime of “incitement and provocation of racial hatred”.

Moscow admits that the situation could lead to the deployment of missiles in Caribbean countries

Faced with the current “intensification escalation”, Russia thinks fundamentally about its security and is considering “different scenarios”, including the possibility of a deployment of missiles and military infrastructure in Cuba or Venezuela. This was stated yesterday by the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, in his usual meeting with the press.

The Maltese Metsola will be the successor of Sassoli in a European Parliament surrendered to the legacy of the Italian politician

The European Parliament has lived this afternoon one of its saddest days with the farewell in Strasbourg of the late president David Sassoli, in a session chaired by the Maltese conservative Roberta Metsola, until last week First Vice President and who will be elected president this Tuesday after the agreement reached yesterday between socialists, liberals and popular.

The British Royal Navy will take over operations in the English Channel

The immigration crisis in the English channel, for which, according to official data, nearly 30,000 people crossed illegally last year, is one of the headaches of the Boris Johnson’s government, whose relations with France, the country from which the boats depart, are not at their best. To tackle the problem, the British Prime Minister has taken the decision to put the Canal in the hands of the British Royal Navy, the Royal Navy.

Yemen war spreads to Emirates with rebel drone attack

The war that lives Yemen since 2015 enters a new phase after the attack of the Houthi rebels against the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At least three people died after an explosion that affected three trucks with oil in a drone attack in the Musaffah industrial area, next to the international airport of Abu Dhabi. A small fire was also recorded at the aerodrome and the official WAM agency collected the Police statement that assured that the explosions were caused by “small flying targets, possibly drones, that fell in two different areas.” The Emirates cried out for revenge and late at night the planes of the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia began to bomb Sana.

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