Lauterbach decided against establishing a vaccination register in Germany

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Karl Lauterbach (SPD), Federal Minister of Health © Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is firmly opposed to the establishment of a vaccination register in Germany.

Berlin – This would take a lot of time and is controversial in terms of data protection law, the minister said on Deutschlandfunk on Tuesday. “I warn against using a vaccination register.” The obligation to vaccinate can also be “monitored” without a vaccination register. There will also be corresponding applications for this in the vote in the Bundestag.

Lauterbach reiterated his stance that compulsory vaccination is necessary to achieve the required vaccination rate. “The vaccination rate that we need to get to a point where we say: ‘We’re living more or less like before’, we won’t achieve that without universal vaccination.”

The Minister of Health also spoke of the danger of a “recombination variant” of the corona virus, which is characterized “by the fact that it is particularly contagious, but also particularly deadly”. Nobody can rule out such a variant. “If such a variant came, then the vaccination rate would have to be very high.” Therefore, values ​​​​of 80 percent are “clearly too low”.

Lauterbach also confirmed his plan to prioritize the PCR tests due to limited capacity. Preference should be given to “those who work in nursing, in hospitals, in the integration of disabled people”.

However, the antigen test quick tests are also good to use for the free fortress to return to school or to the workplace. The antigen test “doesn’t work quite as well at the beginning of an infection.” But it works very well “if you want to go back”.


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