Member of the Bundestag joins the Center Party after leaving the AfD

EFor the first time since 1957, the Christian-conservative Center Party has had a representative in the Bundestag. Member of the Bundestag Uwe Witt, who left the AfD in December, announced his change of party on Tuesday. He was happy “to be able to make Christian, social and humane politics for the Center Party in the German Bundestag,” said Witt. The member of parliament from Schleswig-Holstein justified his resignation from the AfD by saying that the party did not differentiate itself clearly enough from right-wing extremists.

The Center Party had played an important political role in the Kaiserreich and in the Weimar Republic as a representative of political Catholicism. In the Weimar Republic, she provided the Chancellor on several occasions. In the Federal Republic, however, it quickly lost influence because a large part of its base turned to the newly founded CDU.

Most recently, the party entered the Bundestag in the 1953 federal election with 0.8 percent of the votes – at that time there was still no five percent hurdle. In recent decades, it has played no role in state or federal elections.

The Center Party welcomed the accession of the member of the Bundestag. She hopes that he will sharpen her profile and program, explained Secretary General Christian Otte. He pointed out that Witt had given 61 speeches in the Bundestag in the previous legislative period. For the Center Party he was an “excellent figurehead”.

Witt, who was considered a representative of the moderate current in the AfD, had cited “border crossings” by AfD members as one of the reasons for leaving the party. Among other things, he reported on a lecture event last August in which he took part. A team recommended by the AfD provided security, which later turned out to be related to a right-wing terrorist group. He was also “deeply shocked” that MP Thomas Helferich from North Rhine-Westphalia, who does not deny having described himself as the “friendly face of the NS” in an older chat, came to the Bundestag via an AfD ticket .

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