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The incidence continues to rise sharply. The nationwide value is 553.2 – a new high. The Robert Koch Institute also reports 74,405 new infections within one day. Another 193 people die. The former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Hans-Jürgen Papier, does not consider a general obligation to vaccinate to be proportionate, despite the increasing numbers. Go to Article

How to protect children from omicron? The number of infections is skyrocketing, millions of children are unvaccinated. Is that a danger? Although data from other countries show that hospital admissions could also increase in the youngest age group as a result of the omicron wave, experts warn against jumping to conclusions – and against overfeeding small children who cannot yet be vaccinated out of concern about an infection in everyday life to isolate. To the article (SZ Plus)

The number of political crimes has not risen in a long time. According to preliminary data from the Federal Criminal Police Office, it increased by almost six percent in 2021 compared to the previous year to a total of 47,303 offenses. The federal government’s response to a request from the AfD reveals that the heated social climate in the corona pandemic is primarily responsible for the high number. Go to Article

Every sixth household lacks the necessary help in the Corona crisis. The pandemic is hitting Germans harder financially than expected, according to a new study. A first major assessment of the crisis shows that the state cushions income losses, but many citizens fall through the cracks – and working mothers face long-term disadvantages. To the article (SZ Plus)

How good are the vaccines that some countries have developed on their own? National vaccines are a matter of power for autocratic governments – especially when they ban foreign products from citizens. An overview of SZ correspondents on vaccine development in Turkey, Cuba, Russia and Brazil. To the article (SZ Plus)

What is important today

Lindner defends EU debt rules. At the first meeting with his EU counterparts, the German finance minister discussed the stability pact, among other things. Many states are calling for easing, but Lindner is slowing down. He fears that too lax regulations and excessive debt could endanger financial markets’ confidence in the euro zone. Go to Article

Inflation: Merz expects signs from the ECB. The designated CDU chairman is demanding that the European Central Bank recognize inflation as a problem that is not just temporary. From this she must draw conclusions with regard to the bond purchase programs and announce interest rate steps, as the American central bank has done. According to Merz, the right time for this would be at the end of the first half of the year at the latest. Go to Article

How the EU wants to collect fines from Poland. The European Court of Justice has imposed high fines on Warsaw, for example because of the judicial reforms, which the EU believes are undermining the rule of law. But the government doesn’t pay. Now the Commission is using an instrument that has never been used before to get the millions: it is planning to cut funding. Go to Article

Roberta Metsola is considered the favorite for the post of President of the European Parliament. After 2002, she would finally have a woman at the head of Parliament again, and Metsola would also be the youngest incumbent to date. The fact that for the first time someone from the island nation of Malta, with its 500,000 inhabitants, gets a top job is important for the EU: Metsola’s election would signal that you don’t have to come from big countries like your predecessors Martin Schulz, Antonio Tajani and David Sassoli to be in make a career in Brussels.

O2 wants cell phone masts to be approved only after construction. The CEO of Telefónica Deutschland, Markus Haas, wants to significantly accelerate the expansion of the mobile network with unconventional measures. His suggestion: “We can build a mobile site based on simple, higher-level regulations at suitable locations, and it will only then be finally approved.” The e-car manufacturer Tesla would do the same with its new plant in Grünheide/Brandenburg. “If that’s possible with Tesla, it must also be possible for the mobile network,” says Haas. To the article (SZ Plus)

Lewandowski voted world footballer. Unlike the Ballon d’Or at the end of November, the FC Bayern Munich player took first place at the Fifa Gala – and defended his title from the previous year. World Player of the Year is Alexia Putellas from FC Barcelona. Chelsea coach Tuchel is also awarded. Bayern goalkeeper Neuer, on the other hand, gets nothing. Go to Article

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Super bad mood. January 17, 2022 is reportedly the worst day of the year. Why the “Blue Monday” formula is nonsense and still a good thing. Go to Article

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