Portugal investigates the death of a six-year-old boy with Covid

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A six year old boy positive for Covid-19 He has died at the Hospital de Santa María, in Lisbon, despite having received the first dose of the vaccine. The General Directorate of Health of Portugal (DGS) has opened a research immediately, since the case is causing a great impact on the other side of the border and the circumstances surrounding the case must be clarified.

For now, the North Lisbon Hospital Center (CHULN) has taken action on the matter after disseminating that the little boy was taken last Saturday to the facilities of the university macro-hospital due to a cardiorespiratory arrest. Only 24 hours later, he lost his life without knowing why.

The first speculations point to possible adverse reactions to the vaccine, but the sequence of death is still in the analysis phase.

The Portuguese medicine agency, called Infarmed, is in charge of the investigations, which come after the DGS confirmed that three deaths of children up to nine years of age have been registered since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

CHULN sources specified that on Sunday there were 100 Covid-19 patients hospitalized, of which 15 are in intensive care. A new infirmary for the treatment of this infection has been opened at the Santa Maria Hospital, a true Portuguese epicenter of the fight against the coronavirus that recently benefited from the donation of an intensive care unit worth €3.4 million, a gift to the Portuguese capital from Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes, his representative.

Thanks to their contribution, the initial 19 beds have been expanded with 25 state-of-the-art beds and state-of-the-art technology, bringing the total capacity of the ICU to 44 patients. In this way, a better response can be given to the most seriously ill patients and, in general, higher quality care can be offered.

The University City hospital is experiencing a new complicated situation in a few weeks, since the Emergency team submitted its resignation en bloc very recently. The reason? The 12 heads of area consider that the lack of means is alarming and that the socialist government does nothing to solve it.

It is the consequence of the difficult times that the health center has been going through for more than a year due to the lack of staff and material.

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