Renting quickly, easily and safely is finally possible



There is no greater obstacle course than renting. What begins as an enthusiastic search for a flat quickly declines into paperwork and more paperwork. A context to which, according to a study carried out by Idealista, in 2022 we will have to add inflation, the increase in the cost of living and the population’s lower savings capacity, as well as the increase in demand, leaving a not very encouraging scenario.

Now more than ever there is a need for solutions that facilitate and simplify access to housing in the Spanish market, and that is precisely what Nowo is here to solve.

Nowo is the first rental guarantee, in the form of surety insurance, that the tenant hires to ensure the landlord the collection of rent, supplies and community expenses.

With nowo, the tenant will be able to prove their solvency to the landlord from the first contact, since thanks to their free solvency certificate, which represents an insurance commitment by Aserta, the leading insurance company in the surety market in Spain, the owner You will be able to know in advance the payment capacity of the potential tenant and have the commitment to issue a guarantee in case the lease contract is formalized. Nowo is therefore a platform that is destined to become the key tool for those looking to rent.

Don’t worry, be rented

Renting an apartment quickly, easily and safely is finally possible thanks to the artificial intelligence tools on which nowo is based, which allow us to know and certify in real time the level of solvency of the tenant and to be able to issue a guarantee of completely digitally and all this in less than ten minutes.

In this way, the tenant can forget about unnecessary deposits or immobilization of money, and the owner obtains the peace of mind of knowing that he will always collect.

A win-win that revolutionizes the way of understanding rental as we knew it, with Spain being the country called to lead this transformation and digitization of the real estate sector at a global level, hand in hand with Aserta, the financial group to which nowo belongs and which has more than 100 years of experience and has more than 300,000 clients in 14 countries, being the leading insurer in the Latin American and Spanish surety market.

A unique and highly advantageous technology

An algorithm with ‘machine learning’ or automatic learning crosses hundreds of databases to determine the degree of solvency of a tenant. Gone are the payrolls, letters of recommendation, bank guarantees and all the paperwork that lengthens and hinders access to a home. Also fears and concerns in case of non-payment.

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