Supporting Ukraine with anti-tank weapons

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Great Britain: Supporting Ukraine with anti-tank weapons (archive photo) © Joe Giddens / dpa

Amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Britain wants to supply the former Soviet republic with light anti-tank weapons.

LONDON – It is about improving Ukraine’s defense capabilities, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in Parliament on Monday evening. “These are not strategic weapons and they do not pose a threat to Russia. They are intended to be used in self-defense,” he stressed.

A small number of British army personnel are to train the Ukrainian military there for a short time on how to use the weapons, the minister added. He did not say exactly which defensive anti-tank weapons are involved. “Ukraine has every right to defend its borders,” Wallace said. Most recently, the minister recalled that Britain was helping to preserve the Ukrainian navy. More than 22,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained by the British since 2015. (dpa)

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