Survey low blow for Merz – even before the election to the CDU boss

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Friedrich Merz is elected the new CDU chairman. However, the majority of voters do not believe that this will help the party to succeed. © Political Moments/

Friedrich Merz wants to bring the CDU forward again. But even before his election as the new chairman, a survey shows that very few believe him capable of doing so.

Munich – The CDU is in opposition for the first time in 16 years. Now there will soon be a new chairman in Friedrich Merz. Will the upswing now follow under the new strong man? According to a recent survey, very few voters believe in it.

More than half do not believe that the CDU will be more successful with Merz

The majority of the members of the CDU voted in favor of Merz as the new party leader in December. The official election will take place next Saturday. According to the current RTL/ntvtrend barometer, 31 percent of all eligible voters believe that the CDU can again achieve better election results with Merz than in the last federal election. Just over half (53%) don’t think so. 16 percent do not dare to make an assessment on this question.

Merz’s core clientele has at least a little more trust in him. Men (40%) and those over 60 (39%) believe that the CDU will be able to achieve better election results with Merz in the future, far more often than women (23%) and those under 30 (14%). Of the supporters of the individual parties, the supporters of the Union (59%), the FDP (52%) and the AfD (46%) in particular expect better election results for the CDU with Merz. Of the Union supporters, 34 percent do not believe that the CDU can achieve better election results with Merz.

Scholz in polls ahead of Merz – SPD and CDU on par

In a direct race with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Merz is also not doing particularly well. If voters in Germany had to choose their chancellor directly and had to choose between Scholz and Merz, 48 percent would currently choose Scholz and 17 percent for Merz. At 83 percent, Scholz’s support from his party’s supporters is still significantly greater than that of Merz from Union supporters at 43 percent.

In general, there is currently little movement as far as the parties are concerned – the CDU and SPD are each at 25 percent. The FDP (10%), the Left (5%) and the other parties (9%) also remain unchanged compared to the previous week. Only the Greens lose one percentage point (16%), while the AfD gains one percentage point (10%). (cg with dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

The data was collected by the market and opinion research institute forsa on behalf of RTL Germany from January 13th to 14th, 2022. Database: 1,004 respondents. Statistical error tolerance: +/-3 percentage points.

More than a month after leaving office, former Chancellor Merkel is still the most popular politician in Germany. Well ahead of her successor Olaf Scholz.

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