The concerted school accuses the Generalitat of diverting its substitutes to the public to cover Covid casualties




The peak of infections of the ‘tsunami’ Ómicrom doubly punishes the Catalan concerted school. On the one hand, it must manage the peak of infections in the classrooms as well as possible and, on the other, see how some of the substitute teachers that the Generalitat had assigned to them will finally fill vacancies in public schools. This is how he denounces it in statements to ABC Mario Merchant, director of the Vedruna School of Palamós (Gerona), where there are currently around fifty confined students and eight teachers on leave.

«We are facing a very complicated situation. It is not easy to cover casualties and some of the teachers that we had assigned have been claimed by the public and they have not come to the center to help us, “says Mercader.

In order to respond to the emergency situation, according to the person in charge of the Vedruna School, some of the center’s teachers have had to park their tutoring hours to dedicate himself exclusively to serving students who have been left without a teacher.

«We have a hybrid system, which combines face-to-face classes with telematics that works very well for us. The problem is that teachers who are not well enough to implement it. At this time it is not an option. We need substitutes to replace infected teachers» says Merchant. The center began seeing a spike in infections early last week. “I hope that the situation does not go further,” says the school director.

The situation of your school is similar to that of many other centers subsidized by the Government, such as the Figueres Room (Girona) or La Salle Bonanova in Barcelona, as denounced in statements to this newspaper by spokesmen for the Cristina School of Catalonia Foundation (FECC), an employer group that brings together 60 percent of the concerted schools in Catalonia.

To deal with this “exceptional situation” the FECC and the Blanquerna Faculty of Educational Sciences-Ramon Llull University (URL) have come together to create a specific job bank to “counteract teacher casualties due to the pandemic”. By virtue of the agreement, graduates and students of Education Sciences will be able to exceptionally cover these casualties that the concerted centers are suffering from the impact of the sixth wave”, explains the general secretary of the FECC, Meritxell Ruiz.

The Blanquerna-URL students who make themselves available to the centers are: double-grade students who have already completed an Infant or Primary Degree; master’s students of Education who also have a completed degree; and finally, final year teaching students who do not yet have the degree but do have the preparation to cover these exceptional needs, clarifies the FECC in a statement.

“Overflowing and supportive” response

From Blanquerna-URL, they consider that «We had to react as the Faculties of Health did at the time and continue to do so». The Dean of the Faculty, Jordi Riera, explains that last Saturday, seeing the situation, “a letter was sent to all Blanquerna-URL Education students and the response has been overwhelming and supportive.” Right now, the exchange already has more than 130 students available for an immediate reincorporation and has received nearly sixty petitions from the schools of the Federation.

Likewise, the FECC maintains discussions with the Department of Education so that analogous extraordinary measures can be applied to those that are being carried out and that have meant «additional human resources for all health centers with the hiring of medical and nursing students.

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