The crusade of the Atlético fans for their shield



This Tuesday, January 18, there is no game in the Wanda Metropolitano Not even a new signing is presented in its facilities. The stadium of Atletico Madrid, however, has dawned with a long line of fans at the doors of the official store because for them today is not a day like the others, it is the day they have been waiting for since the official shield of their team changed in 2017. A modification that the club made official in December of that year, coinciding with the announcement of the name for the Madrid Olympic Stadium, the field to which the team moved in the 2017-18 season after leaving the historic Vicente Calderón. A large sector of the fans did not assume that modification in the emblem and since then they have been demanding the recovery of the old one.

A wish that has been fulfilled today because the red and white entity has put up for sale a special edition of its shirt with the old shield.

That modification to “visually modernize” the shield, as explained from the club, caused the start of a crusade on the part of a hobby that since 2017 has been demanding the presence of the old emblem on the team’s shirts. A wish that, despite their protests inside and outside the stadium, they have not been able to see fulfilled until this Tuesday. Official requests were also unsuccessful. After five years of waiting, dozens of fans have gathered at the gates of the official store of the Metropolitan Stadium to acquire the jersey, a special edition to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the entity’s current name as Club Atlético de Madrid, a change that took place on January 1, 1947.

Among the different acts and actions to commemorate that anniversary, the club announced the launch of a fourth kit for this season in which it wears the shield that accompanied the change of name from Atlético Aviación to Athletic Club of Madrid that first of January 1947. Atletico fans had been waiting for months for the sale to begin, which has started today with great success according to the long line of fans outside the store.

The price of this special edition of the jersey of the Atletico Madrid, completely red, is 90 euros and the club gives it, together with you, a copy of the minutes that included the change in denomination on January 1, 1947. In addition to the many people who have traveled to the official stores, not only to that of the Metropolitano, the fans have also collapsed the club’s website and have exhausted the stock of the new jersey put up for sale online.

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