The Government investigates the use of sonic cannons to undo storms in the Valencian Community




The recurring problem of sonic cannons that undo the storms is being investigated due to complaints and complaints from residents of various municipalities of Castellón, Valencia and Tarragona, as revealed by the Compromís senator Carles Mulet, which put a question to the Government last year.

Now, the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation (CHJ) It has opened errands to determine if this practice -with which the hail is dissolved to prevent damage to agriculture- violates the law, given that only the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge can carry out this type of operation or authorize companies or individuals.

In the parliamentary response of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez to Senator Mulet, it was found that there were no permits granted and the Water Law stipulates that the hydrological cycle or the atmospheric phase “cannot be modified artificially».

For this reason, the Compromís representative has announced that he will carry out a “monitoring” of these proceedings, about which he has requested more information, in addition to urging the seprona of the Civil Guard and possible irregularities are reported to the courts, before the «proliferation of cases».

This CHJ investigation focuses, for the time being, on the municipalities of Gavarda (Valencia) and San Rafael del Río (Castellon). Until now, in addition to the possible meteorological and climate change repercussions -due to possible droughts or torrential rains, as was already registered last year in Calig Y Vinaròs, or hailstorms in Benicarló-, the main complaints reported arose from the noise.

Repeats for hours

To be effective, these cannon shots acetylene gas and air they must start about 15 minutes before the storm starts and then repeat, sometimes for hours, becoming unbearable for residents in the area.

In the background of this controversy there is an economic motivation, because it is more expensive pay a agricultural insurance, which also increases your premium when you have to compensate for damage from a hailstorm, to resort to these explosions that drive away the danger that comes from the sky. Although they also have the effect of displacing rainfall to adjoining areas.

Mulet has also demanded that the facilities detected from where this technology is used be directly dismantled, given that there are no authorizations for use granted by the Government.

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