Toño and Pablo, the authors of the card game that was born from a night out




More than three years ago, Pablo and Toño, two students on a business master’s degree, decided to liven up a night of drinks at home with an impromptu game: they invented a few horny and naughty questions that the rest of the guests had to respond in a few seconds. «We printed them on a sheet of paper and that’s how it all started. The idea was simple, but it is just what we were looking for: put the person in front of us in a bind and laugh together. It is what we missed in board games, that more social aspect, ”says the last one. Today that idea has become the Guatafac family of card games (a Castilianization of the English ‘What the fuck’, something like ‘What the hell’), which has already sold more than 100,000 copies.

These two twentysomethings, who sign the games with their own names, had come up with a good idea, but they had to materialize it. “We were students. we had no budget to print it», recalls Bella Castillo, a friend of the creators and a student of Advertising and Public Relations, who has been in charge of Guatafac’s communication and marketing since the beginning of last year. Throughout 2019 they contacted some designers who were in charge of shaping their proposals, and at the end of the year they had a prototype ready. So, they started looking for a distributor to put their game on the market. Although many doors were closed to them, Asmodee, a French distributor, trusted them and helped them place their Guatafac on Amazon. “The first 2,000 copies sold well, although the real ‘boom’ came in December, when we collaborated with some ‘influencers’”, says Toño.

“Then came the confinement, which board game sales skyrocketed, and helped us create a larger community and get more visibility. Since then, we have not stopped growing, also creating new versions of Guatafac for families, couples… Now we are also in supermarkets and physical stores. Every year we sell twice as much as the previous one. Between the five versions that we have, we surely exceed 100,000 copies, ”says his partner. At the moment, both Toño and Pablo also maintain their respective jobs in the consultancy sector, but their company already has five employees and they are thinking of adding new ones.

Their creative machinery is still running at full capacity: they continue to write letters and even encourage players to send them their proposals. «We have created a mobile application and we are shaping a third Guatafac and another for families. There is still much to explore to continue bringing relatives, friends and couples together. We want to expand our target audience, which is between 18 and 35 years old, “says Castillo. They are also doing tests to be able to print in Spain. Currently, they do the European Union, with recycled paper. They wanted their creation to be respectful of the environment and also have a supportive side: donate 1 percent of their profits to the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases. Never has a night out been so productive.

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