Tübingen: Palmer does not stand for the Greens in the election of the mayor – politics

The mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, does not want to run as a candidate for the Greens in his city’s mayoral election in the fall. He will not participate in the nomination process because of the beginning of the party exclusion process against him, the Greens politician told the Tübingen city association in a letter that is available to the German Press Agency. Previously had the Stuttgart newspaper reported about it.

“It is logically and factually impossible to operate a process of nomination and disqualification at the same time,” writes Palmer. “As a party mayor candidate, you can’t be both: nominated and excluded.” The nationally known but controversial Greens politician in his party emphasized that he very much regrets the development.

A lot has been achieved in Tübingen over the past 16 years. “I would therefore have liked to try, with your support, to continue on this successful path,” Palmer wrote to the Tübingen party members. “We are now denied that. Nevertheless, I very much hope that Tübingen will continue to be a city in the future in which the town hall pursues green goals, in which climate protection and prosperity are thought of and made together.”

He left open whether he could run for the election of the mayor in Tübingen as an independent candidate or for another party. At the beginning of May, a state party conference decided to initiate party order proceedings against Palmer, who was controversial because of his provocations. The new mayor of Tübingen is to be elected in the fall. The Greens in the university town want to determine the candidate in a primary election.

The mayor of the Weilheim district of Tübingen, Ulrike Baumgärtner, has already declared her candidacy. The green city association wants to decide in April. In the question of possible party expulsion, Palmer recently received support from a call from initiators from the Tübingen district association. A group of about 500 party members, mostly from the southwest, lined up behind Palmer.

That touched him very much, Palmer writes to the city association. Unfortunately, the state board did not respond to the action. “The elimination procedure should now, after eight months of impasse, actually be initiated,” he emphasized. “Any chance of ending it in any way before we set the course for the mayoral election in Tübingen is over.”


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