Tudanca distrusts Igea and says that he would “agree” with the PP “if he can”




The leader of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca does not trust Francisco Igea. And that the candidate for the Presidency of the Board for Cs and former vice president of the regional government, Francisco Igea, seems to have turned towards the socialists as a political force with which to reach possible pacts and who has already repeated on several occasions that he will not do it again President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

“We already know that if they can, the Popular Party and Citizens will agree again, because they already did, just like agreeing with the extreme right, which they also did where it was necessary, such as in the Palencia City Council,” the general secretary said yesterday. of the PSCL and candidate of that formation to preside over the regional government to show his distrust towards Igea’s words in which he winked at the rose party.

During his visit to the Incibe Cybersecurity Center in León, Tudanca predicted that both the orange formation and the popular “will want to try to convince citizens that they are not going to do what they have already done.”

“A bit of ‘deja vu'”

But, in his opinion, the next elections on February 13 have “a bit of ‘déjà vu'” because this situation “has already been experienced” when “Mañueco said that the most voted list was going to govern” and “with the worst result in the history of the Popular Party and being the second political force, it traded with the institutions to come to power». “We have already experienced elections where Ciudadanos and Igea said that they were not going to make Mañueco president and they did,” he insisted before being convinced that “the only possibility of a change of government in Castilla y León” is that the PSOE has a sufficient and “broad” majority, which “is in the hands of the citizens” and in that of those who in 2019 did not vote for the PSOE but voted “change and regeneration” in a very majority way. “If they go to the polls again and vote for change and regeneration, there will be,” he stressed, reports Ical.

On the other hand, the Socialists announced yesterday that they will hold their School of Government in Salamanca on January 21 and 22. A conclave to draw up “the most ambitious government program for the future of the Community”, as assured by the Secretary of Organization of the PSCL, Ana Sánchez. One of the main points to be discussed will be the reindustrialization of Castilla y León and to address this issue, in addition to representatives of unions and employers, will be the First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño and the former President of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, while the current head of the Executive will not go through the Community this weekend either.

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