Turkish pop star Aksu under fire from religious authorities

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The Turkish Queen of Pop, Sezen Aksu, is on stage in Berlin as part of her tour of Germany. © Maurizio Gambarini/dpa

She is considered the pop icon in Turkey. Now the singer Sezen Aksu is being targeted by the religious authorities. The accusation: insult to religious values.

Istanbul – A complaint against the well-known Turkish singer Sezen Aksu for a song in which she is said to have insulted Adam and Eve has caused a stir in Turkey.

In addition to several artists, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu also showed solidarity with Aksu and in a tweet on Tuesday rated the procedure as an attempt to silence artists.

Because of lines from a song that was first published in 2017, pro-government and religious-conservative groups had made the singer the target of criticism. A group of lawyers filed a complaint against Aksu. According to the state news agency Anadolu, she is accused of insulting religious values. In the song “Sahane bir sey yasamak” Aksu sings “Greet me the ignorant, Adam and Eve”. Aksu released a new video for the song on New Year’s Day. Adam is considered a prophet in Islam.

According to Anadolu, Turkey’s top religious authority, Diyanet, published a letter calling for extreme caution in dealing with Islam, without mentioning Aksu directly. Every sentence has to be well thought out.

67-year-old Aksu is considered a pioneer of Turkish pop. She has not yet commented on the matter. dpa


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