Vaccination obligation: Greens distance themselves from internal party critics

The Dornbirn city councilor Martin Hämmerle, who was nominated by them, has to resign after a much-criticized “fascism”-sayer, club boss Sigrid Maurer reported on Monday in the “ZiB2”. He is not a party member. And the membership of ex-party leader Madeleine Petrovic, who has repeatedly expressed skepticism about vaccination, has been suspended.

Maurer made it clear that the Green Party “stands 100 percent behind compulsory vaccination” at federal, state and club level. Petrovic’s statements are “not a position of the Green Party and must be rejected 100 percent”. The former federal spokeswoman (1994 to 1996) and Lower Austrian state spokeswoman (2002 to 2015) no longer has a position with the Greens.

Petrovic, Hämmerle and Johannes Falch from Vorarlberg (green economy) have jointly launched an initiative for a new corona strategy, which, according to the initiators’ website, has so far been supported by around 20,000 people – including 123 Green officials.

Petrovic had already attracted attention in November with a greeting for a demonstration organized by the vaccination skeptics party MFG. Last Saturday she appeared at the Vienna rally against compulsory vaccination – and with the sentence “I don’t see anyone here who is being paid by Pfizer or Bill Gates”, she alluded to a common conspiracy theory of the opponents of vaccination. Compared to “Standard”, the 65-year-old, who retired as an official in the Ministry of Health last year, said she had nothing in common with the MFG – and: “I’m a Green and I live the green program.”

In an interview with the “Vorarlberger Nachrichten” (Friday edition), Hämmerle linked the compulsory vaccination and the 2G rule with fascism. With the 2G rule, the unvaccinated would be excluded, he criticized – and said that club chairwoman Maurer could not describe the Greens as an anti-fascist party and at the same time be in favor of excluding people. “Where does fascism begin, where does it end?” asked Hämmerle – and thus received sharp criticism from the party leadership and in the social media. According to Maurer, the consequences were drawn on Monday evening after meetings at the weekend. Hämmerle is resigning from his post.

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