Vaccination – resentment in the police union over control task

Compulsory vaccinations are to come into force from February, and from mid-March the vaccination status will also be checked by the police at every official act. Massive criticism is now coming from social democratic and liberal trade unionists. The two trade unionists Hermann Greylinger (FSG) and Werner Herbert (AUF) demanded that the vaccination obligation should be monitored mainly by officials from the health authorities on Tuesday in the “Ö1” morning journal.

At the sidelines of a press conference on Tuesday, Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) pointed out that the police are already checking – around 200,000 times since last Tuesday as part of routine and corona protection measures checks. That will “also be a feasible task from March 15,” said the politician. From then on, after a transition period with information initiatives, the de facto control of compulsory vaccination, which should apply de jure from February, will begin. “The police have to carry out this legal mandate. I assume that they will do this to a reasonable extent within the framework of traffic controls and, as far as controls of the corona protection measures are concerned.”

The Ministry of the Interior said that a concept is currently being developed for the control of compulsory vaccination and will subsequently be coordinated with the staff representation. In addition, the police have been closely involved in the controls of the Covid measures since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 200,000 checks have been carried out since the beginning of the 2G controls in retail alone.

Skepticism about the usefulness of the controls

“It can’t be that it’s always just dumped on the colleagues,” stated Greylinger, chairman of the Social Democratic Unionists (FSG) faction. He was skeptical about the usefulness of the controls. “What happens if those affected never pay in?” The police have to do a job that is “useless and pointless, and we oppose that,” Greylinger said.

The chairman of the blue police union, AUF, Werner Herbert, expressed his incomprehension that the police were used for an “excess of control activities”. It is “used inappropriately for political purposes,” said Herbert. The free trade unionist also criticized the fact that plainclothes police officers go on patrol to carry out 2G controls in retail. So it was “probably unique” that “normal police officers in civilian clothes monitor the shopping habits of the Austrian population,” said Herbert, he hadn’t experienced that in 40 years of service.

The current chairman of the police union, Reinhard Zimmermann from the ÖVP-affiliated group of Christian trade unionists (FCG), did not want to make a public statement, at least not publicly. He first wanted to find out details about the new order from the Ministry of the Interior, he told “Ö1”. (apa)

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