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There are few reasonable arguments that could justify the course that Vladimir Putin has taken, putting the world before a real threat of large-scale war, when no country is in any way calling into question the security of Russia. Neither Ukraine has been admitted to NATO nor is the Alliance preparing any hostile operation towards its country. However, Putin does not stop adding provocations with the massive concentration of troops near the border with Ukraine and other clearly intimidating military movements towards the West, so there is no choice but to recognize that the Kremlin is very effective when it comes to to make their threats credible.

The American president, Joe Biden, has other different priorities and now feels more threatened by the unstoppable rise of China as a new superpower than by the nostalgic laments of the Russian regime, but he has no choice but to intervene precisely to preserve his role in the world .

Fortunately, he has abandoned the idea of ​​ignoring the interests of the Europeans to try to reach a settlement directly with Moscow as Putin wanted, which would have left the EU in a position of extreme vulnerability. On the contrary, it is at this crucial moment that Europe has to be able to stand united and assume the responsibility that corresponds to it in defense of its own security and its strategic interests because, for Europe, in this crisis it is not so much about of Ukraine’s defense but of its own security. At that time, Putin is asking the West to agree to amputate the sovereignty of Ukraine, a country from which he has already ripped off a part of its territory, and it would be catastrophic if he were allowed to do so because there is no doubt that this would open the door to new blackmail .

Unfortunately, Europe does not yet have an autonomous military structure worthy of the name that could rise to the challenge it has to face. All those who have been rowing against the construction of a Europe of Defense, invoking national interests, are now reaping the harvest of their strategic myopia. Also the allies on the other side of the Atlantic who have traditionally frowned upon the development of a European military industry and self-defense and were only concerned that we pay more into NATO, not to mention the disastrous management of affairs Russians who come from the time of Obama, in which the invasion of Ukraine was not adequately punished and from the time of his successor Trump and his strange connections with the Kremlin. But now there is no use complaining about it. The only possibility of avoiding a war is if the West in general and Europe in particular is able to convince Putin that the price he would have to pay would be too high and that this requires a credible threat of sanctions on the one hand, while on the other the other is no choice but to prepare to be able to respond militarily if Putin chooses the path of war.

The Government is acting responsibly by increasing its support for NATO’s military deployment, advancing the arrival of the Blas de Lezo frigate in the area and opening the possibility of sending fighters and other air support to the eastern flank of the Alliance. All partners must contribute and show solidarity in the face of such an abrasive situation of tension. The PP is correct in supporting this deployment and the communist part of the Executive is wrong again, which has shouted to the heavens, mobilizing even some Secretary of State in criticism of the Government, new proof of the mess that at the first change arises in The gabinet.

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